Happy birthday Lula!!!

Lula has opened all her remaining present today and she went to school with a giant box of red velvet cupcakes to share with her classmates:) She loved the Hexbugs from Jamie and Phoebe most! And Rose the Tangkou doll from Frank! She really appreciated all her pressies from Ruby and Liam, Gracie, Silas and Zack. And of course she was delighted that Ivy send her a pressie and Granny Marian made her a stunning tutu. Grandad Nigel and Melitta called and Babcia Tonia i Dziadek Andrzej too! Their present is still on the way. What a spoiled little girl;) Oh and the bike! From us! How could I forget and Auntie Iwona! Her package is still on it’s way from the US.. And all the cards and wishes! What a good birthday it has been! We love you so much! Happy birthday:)

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