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First word

Posted in General on July 25th, 2011 by Jo

I think it comes as no surprise that Frank’s first word is……. Lula 🙂 and hello.
We are on holiday in a stunning humongous cottage near Thorpeness. It is all designed in vibrant colours of orange, green, red, yellow and midcentury furniture. Let’s just say we feel right at home. Outside the window we see vast fields populated with a large number of white tailed bunnies. There are 6 horses running around and deer too. The skies are visited by wood pigeons, seagulls and occasional herons. We are 10 minutes from the seashore. And we have our bicycles here. Let’s just say it’s great;)

Things that Lula is into:)

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Lula is very much into dragons. It’s an ongoing “love affair” really. She has never been into dolls and girly toys I don’t think… She did have a thing for pegasus and unicorns and still likes them. If it goes in this direction I see her playing dungeons and dragons?
Although her other passion is cutting and glue-ing paper and making things, like little collages. It is pretty amazing. Here are a few newest pieces;)

First steps

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I might be exaggerating, but Frank took his first steps yesterday:) It was just one or two halfs at a time when trying to get something but it happened on a few occasions! He has been standing independently a lot too! Very exciting times!

Lula loves us:)

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And we love her!


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Frank is really into his phone. He answers it “Aaaa?” and puts it on top of his head:)

He also does not realise but he is standing more and more without holding on;)