Back home:)

We are back home! We drove back on Friday and had a lovely stop in Bristol. What a beautiful city. It was very British but at the same time reminded me of Scandinavian countries, Spain and France. It had a strange fantastic mix. SO wanting to go back;) On Saturday we went to Hyde Park to celebrate Simon’s 50th and had a scorcher of a day with a picnic and plenty of cava;) Lula was in heaven with second cousin removed (God knows how you call them:) They are Warwick’s first cousins) Simon and Jeremy and Warwick and Scott and Ethan playing with her soft ball. With a stick and a radish;) Frank was just an angel as always! Mala and Simon took those great pics. I particularly like the one of Lula with the stick:)
On Sunday we went on our bicycles to the swimming pool. Lula had her level 3 lesson and then we all joined in when the pool opened at 11am. Frank had so much fun. And he actually rhythmically moved in the water like he was swimming. I think we should do this weekly!

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