We went to Penzance today:) We drove on the road to Zennor. Like a fairytale full of foxgloves and wild blossom. Horses, cows and baby rabbits. And those little stone cottages and ferns. So beautiful! All surrounded by the sea. When we got to the town we went for a stroll and decided we need to eat something. I had not done any research so I was not sure where to go. But immediately was disappointed by the feel of “high street” bingo and nasty pubs and old sad charity shops. With a large number of little independent shops closed down. After walking around for a while I saw a girl who looked like “my type” of a person and asked her where we could eat something nice and normal? She directed us to Archie Browns on Bread Street, which was well hidden at the back in between main Streets. A great health food shop with a veggie cafe upstairs. What a gem in the middle of horrid little grabby places. Sorry:( The food was so lovely! I am on a low carb diet but decided to chill out and had a goat cheese salad on roast veggies. I just said no to polenta:) Warwick had a falafel and Lula had a scrumptious baked potato with beans and cheese. She then proceeded to have a banana chocolate cake with ice cream. To share with daddy. (I am glad to report that she has been trying new foods! She went through a strange phase in the last year. So for those of you who think your all eating babies will stay this way. Think again;) Lula used to eat pretty much everything. Then she went to school and then it’s all with ketchup and preferably the pasta or the chips. And vegetables ok for cucumber or tomato… Either way it’s looking better again!) We then walked some more. I now discovered that Chapel Street apparently is nice… Still the drive home was lovely again and we did have a nice time:) Don’t waste time on Penzance when you are in this parts of the world;)

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