Carbis Bay

Posted in General on May 31st, 2011 by Jo

We went to the beach today on the Celtic Sea and Frank had his first play in the sand:) He loved it;) What a different experience to how it was with Lula;) He was very well behaved and kept near me. Yes he did eat it. Yes he did throw it in his eyes. But all in a contained kind of way;)
I am really getting into holidaying in Britain. I even got windbreakers! I am officially British!;) No seriously it’s green not to fly so much. It’s so much easier with your kids to just pack everything in the car. It’s much cheaper and very kids friendly. And it’s stunning.

St Ives

Posted in General on May 28th, 2011 by Jo

Warwick always told me how gorgeous it is here! It took us 9 hours but we made it. And it is stunning!
We are in a stone cottage on top of a cliff with farmland around. Even though it is quite cold and windy, the light is lovely. The scenery is fabulous:)

Lula has been running around on the beach and in the garden. And Frank who unlike his sister does not like long car journeys, just cut his 4th tooth!


Posted in General on May 21st, 2011 by Jo

Frank has learned to clap:) He loves it:)
He is nearly 11 months old now:) Very much into climbing, sprint crawlin and cruising. He is adorable! His sister is a smart cookie – doing better and better at reading and writing. And she is so much fun!
Daddy has been working a lot lately but we are going to St Ives next week for a week. Can’t wait!


Posted in General on May 17th, 2011 by Jo

Frank is very much into opening doors and handles now:) He even got the fact that if they are closed and there is a key in them you need to turn it. He tries very well although finds it difficult still.

Red Riding Hood

Posted in General on May 14th, 2011 by Jo

Nick Tucker who is a friend photographer and already took pictures of Lula for her 4th birthday came over today:) We went to Highgate Wood and Lula, or I should say Red Riding Hood was running around and having her pictures taken. She was very much into it. Frank did very well as the wolf too. The red and green looked stunning:) Here are the pics 😉
How sweet of Nick to write this in his blog “Here we have my blog, featuring a precocious Little Red Riding Hood who was perfectly wise beyond her years and probably the friendliest, twinkly-eyed bubba of a wolf you’re ever likely to meet. The whole thing took place in a mysterious forest in North London. Admittedly, it was mysterious because I was driven there and didn’t take much notice of where we were going, but still.. mysterious all the same. Both the kids were brilliant, and with the soft, late light leaking through the trees overhead, we got some lovely atmospheric shots.” Thank you Nick;)


Posted in General on May 8th, 2011 by Jo

We are such a happy bunch:) It’s amazing to have such a wonderful family and so much laughter! There are tears too of course. But mostly laughter and happiness and ALWAYS lots and lots of love!

My little Rock-a-Billy

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Franio i Lula:)

Posted in General on May 2nd, 2011 by Jo

Ale oni szybko rosna! Lula juz 6 lat i cztery miesiace, a Franek 10 miesiecy. Niesamowite:)
Lula jest swietna siostra, choc czasem nie ma ochoty sie bawic z bratem i wtedy mowi “I’m allergic to babies” 🙂