Such a great girl

Lula is such a lovely little girl:) She never stops talking and smiling and singing and dancing:) We have so much work with the piano review this saturday, Polish lessons, catching up with maths and reading. Soooo much home-work! So we get up extra early and do it all! But then the afternoons are left to relax.
We were coming back home today and she met a friendly kitty enjoying itself in the warm sun.

2 Responses to “Such a great girl”

  1. magda Says:

    ale wam zazdroszcze TAAKIEJ wiosny! u nas na powitanie wiosny -5 i burza sniegowa:( lula, as always, you’re so elegant. hugs.

  2. Jo Says:

    Waszulko a u nas lato!!! Lato na poczatku kwietnia. Juz tydzien:) Przylatujcie;) xxx