We are already in March and Frank is 8 months old Can you believe it???

So what is happening here? Frank is a confident crawler. He tries to get in everywhere and lifts himself up to chairs, the sofa or the coffee table. He grabs everything that is remotely near. And he loves plugs and pulling them of walls and of course putting them in his mouth. So mummy is very very busy:)

He loves books and he smiles constantly. Not the best of eaters – we have to use lots of distraction techniques to land with the full spoon in Misters mouth. Very unlike his sister who was a fantastic eater! Sleeping… Well… We do fall asleep in our cot. In our room. Which we share with Lula. But sometime around maybe midnight or so.. Well let’s just say we make our way to mummy and daddy’s bed. Again Lula was such a good sleeper! IN HER OWN COT! Those two are so different. Either way he is absolutely delightful and such a happy baby!

Lula. Lula is a little lady. Dressing in her flowery, preferably pink or white frilly dresses. They must be twirly or else. Mummy has no say in the wardrobe department whatsoever anymore:) Although she still tries and when something is just too much she puts her foot down and says “no way you are wearing this it’s a summer dress with straps and it is very cold outside.” Lula is writing better and reading quite well. She progresses on her piano and is a pretty confident swimmer now. And she loves to talk. This 6 year old little girl or shall I say vampire. Because Lula says she is a good vampire like Mona the Vampire. Well this 6 year old little vampire grabs any chance she gets to talk. And talk. And talk. And talk:)

And that’s about it I think. xxx

Oh and here are a couple of pictures of Mister Francolini who loves to undo Lula’s “work”:) She calls him the train monster.

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