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Pepper is so confident with babies. Frank had a friend over and Pepper sniffed him then just hanged around:)

Mister loves his baths now:)

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New pram

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I sold our Bugaboo on Ebay as it was just too heavy and hard to fold…. I was breaking my back down those stairs. Instead I bought a cheap as chips £ 20something stroller. How great it is! Only downside is that the handlebars are so low. But it is so easy too carry and fold. And mister is not complaining.:)

7 years

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We’ve been married 7 years today and it will be our 10 years together this year. It’s amazing how quickly time flew by! We are going out tonight to celebrate and it is the first time we are leaving Frank!!! Fingers crossed;) Mummy and Daddy need some alone time! It does not help that Frank is a little poorly but Tedi is great with kids so I hope she will be fine!

Such a great girl

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Lula is such a lovely little girl:) She never stops talking and smiling and singing and dancing:) We have so much work with the piano review this saturday, Polish lessons, catching up with maths and reading. Soooo much home-work! So we get up extra early and do it all! But then the afternoons are left to relax.
We were coming back home today and she met a friendly kitty enjoying itself in the warm sun.

Lovely day

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Spring is really here!!! It is so sunny and warm! We took advantage and went to the park. Francolini enjoyed going on the swings.


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We needed to go to Camden to get Mummy a Tempur memory foam pillow and we decided to have dinner at Wagamama. It’ been a very long time since we went there. They have changed their menu and it is actually really nice. All of us really enjoyed it and it’s so nice to go out now that Mister F seats on a highchair and eats so well!

“Dad give me the phone!”

8 and a half months

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Frank weighs 10.4 kilos and measures 75 cm.:)


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Warwick made us all delicious American pancakes. We all enjoyed them so much. Yum;) Lula had hers with maple syrup, mummy with cherry jam and Frank just had them as they were.


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Always smiling!