This needs to be correctly translated and I don’t have the time right at this second. But I will at some point. I think it is important for Lula and Frank to have this info.:)

The Bilik’s are traced back to the 15th century in Lvov in Ukraine according to my dad:) The surname Bilik derives from the word white – biel, bialy, and white tailed eagle – Bielik.

In 1912, there were Dr. Nicholas Bilik (lawyer and landowner) and his brother Jozef sp
Bilikiem (grandfather of Andrew), his brother Michal (officer) and sister
Salomea from Bilik Podhajna, the owner of Chmielno
near Lopatyn where there was a foundation named after Father Piotr Bilik.
The names of Nicholas grandparents home (Great Grandparents of Andrew) Pantaleon and Salomea
Nicholas grandparents home – Simeon and Rosalie Klimczuks
parents Mikolaj (Andrew’s great-grandparents), and Marcel Pawel
Mikolaj’s uncles (brothers Pawel Bilik) –
father Piotr, Anthony, Jozef, Stanislaw and James Agate and Kurowskich
Mikolajs siblings – brothers: Jozef (grandfather of Andrew) and Michal
sisters: Rosalie Milasiewiczowa, Salomea Podhajna, Maria
Kozakowska, Kornelukowa Franciszka, wife – Paulina from the village administration Bilikowa
children Mikolaj – Zofia Marcel Wadzynska, Andrew and Dr. Janusz
Zdzislaw Paul Bilikow
and son after RIP.Jozef Dr Adam Bilik (father of Andrew).

In other words: Adam Bilik born in 1899 (father of Andrew date of death 1943) is
son of Jozef and Antonina born around 1860 Studencka – siblings are Josef
Nicholas, Michal, Rozalia, Salomea, Maria, Franciszka.
grandson of Pawel and Marcel born around 1830 of Klimczukow – siblings are Pawel
Father Piotr, Antoni, Jozef, Stanislaw, Agata Kurowska.
great-grandson of Pantaleon (born around 1800) and Salome, and after Marcel – Simeon
and Rosalia Klimczuk.

At Buczkowskich we only know that Stanislawa (Andrew’s mother) (1907-2005) was Stanislaws
daughter of Stanislaus (1885 – 1925) and Julia Johannow. Buczkowskich father, Andrews grandfather, his name was Karol Stanislaw,
while his grandmother Julia also lived in the years 1885 – 1925 (as her husband Stan) and
reportedly had several siblings.

But recently I came across this on the web. It is very possible that those are Lula’s and Frank’s uncestors since Bilik is quite a rare name in Poland and also my family does derive from Red Russia (Lviv) and is Polish…
The following is translated by Google so I will have to go through it when I have a moment…
The following is a quotation from Roman S?kowski, Armorial Nobility of Silesia. Reference genealogiczno-heraldic , Katowice 2002, t. 1, p. 188 – 189
[Clarification: N. – unknown name or surname; Uruski – Uruski S., Family, Heraldry Polish nobility, t I-XV, Warsaw 1897]

(BIELKI von Kornitz, Bilik)
Old Upper Silesian family, originally from the village Kornica (Kornitz) near Racibórz (Ratibor). Name of the village has become the name of the coat of arms in Poland Kornic. Kornic comes with a few noble families, which share a common herb (see Kornitz).
The oldest information about Bieliks come from the fourteenth century, and quite different grounds: in the years 1378 – 1379 Tomek Bilik was a civil servant called Kornic bishops of Wroclaw. In 1397 years in the duchy of property owned niemodliskiego “junge Bicklick” Praschm it to include white-tailed eagles. At the same principality, in 1421, in documents Belig, owner Golczowic (Golschwitz) and his son in law – Jeschke, in the same year Jeschke and his son-Bielik N. Sell this village Jørgen von Dresske of Magnuszowic (Gross Mangersdorf).
Perhaps the information from the Duchy of niemodliwskiego concern other white-tailed eagles.
In 1422 von N. Bielik Kornitz bought from the duke II P?emyslid estates: Zabelków (Zabelkau) Bohumin (Bohumín, Oderberg) and the locking Barutswerda. In 1428 he was the owner of Zabelkowa (Zabelkau), Oder (Odrau) Ligota (Ellguth) and Pudlów (Pudlau).
In 1435, the brothers: Sobek Bielik of Bohumin (Bohumín, Oderberg) and Mates receive a reward for faithful service of the princes Nikolai and Wenceslas P?emyslid Opava and Racibórz village Olza (Olsau).
The biggest, but very short-term power of the family created the John von Kornitz Bald Eagle – in the years 1477 – 1490 the governor of Upper Silesia, on behalf of King Matthias Corvinus. In 1482, he bought it from Prince John’s half of the city of Oswiecim Gliwice (Gleiwitz) from aldermanship and villages: Village chiefs (Richtersdorf) Ostropa (Ostroppa) Trynek (Trynek), Ligota Zabrska (Ellguth) Wielopole (Wielepole) Leboszowice (Leboschowitz ) Smolnica (Smolnitz), Stare Gliwice (Alt Gleiwitz) and the villages of boars (boars), Boykos (Schoenwald) ?erniki (Zernike), Sobiszowice (Sobieschowitz) Giera?towice (Gieraltowitz) Przyszowice (Preiswitz) and Krywa?d (Kriewald) .
Also acquired estates in the area Pyskowice (Peiskretscham) Racibórz (Ratibor) and Hlucin (Hulczyn, Hultschin) in the south.
A relative (brother?) Sobek Bielik from the state owned Kornitz Bohumin (Bohumín, Oderberg).
Jan Bielik established as the main chose Kozle (Cosel). In the nineteenth century, during the renovation of the parish church in Ko?le (Cosel), found a CD with the coat of arms Kornic and the inscription: “John Bielik of Korniz unten Facta est hec Testudo anno domini domini magnifici MCCCCLXXXIX cura Joannis Bielik capitanei Superioris Slezie capitaneatus Anno sui tredecimo.
After the death of Matthias Corvinus and the subordination of the king Ladislaus Jagiello?czyk Silesia in 1492 (13.01), was – by the new governor of Silesia, Duke of Cieszyn Ka?ka II – stuck in Cieszyn (Teschen), and convicted. He had his fortunes. Sobek also Bielik of Bohumin (Bohumín, Oderberg) was forced in the same year (05/01/1492) to sell their property Przemyslids – Prince John opawsko-raciborskiemu.
John Bielik estates became the property of the Czech crown, and then were sold, Gliwice (Gleiwitz) from the surrounding villages bought Wilhelm von Pernstein, who then sold it to the princes of Opole. Hlucin (Hulczyn, Hultschin) received the Melchior and Balthasar Wilczek, Toszek (Toast) – John Sokolowski, Ko?le (Cosel) – Puta von Riesenberg with Švihov.
After the tragic end of John Bielik, the family has not already played a greater role in the history of Silesia.
Numerous rozrodzeni, belonged to the nobility, having their fortunes mainly in the south of Upper Silesia: the principalities of Cieszyn, Raciborz, Opawa and on the Moravia.
In 1512, in documents Smil von Kornitz Bielik, the W?odzienina (Bladen) near G?ubczyce (Leobschuetz), in the principality karniowskim.
In the sixteenth century, also settled in the principality nica. In the years 1501-1526 Vaclav dream. Bieligk von Kornitz was governor Namyslow (Namslau). Very likely it was the son of John Bielik, who after the tragedy of his father and forced the surrender of rights to property, he moved to the principality.
In 1530 Albert jun. owned Krasowic (Kraschen) and Lubsk (Laubsky) near Namys?ów (Namslau), in the principality nica. In 1531, the nobility Ole?nicka book, refers to Luke Bieligka von Kornitz.
Latest information about the representatives of this family comes from the duchy of Ole?nica of 1571 year for Franz von Bieligka Kornitz – owner Lubsk (Laubsky).

According Uruski – Bielikowie Kornic coat appeared in the fifteenth century in Red Russia. They should be combined with the activities of colonization Wladyslaw of Opole, in the second half of the fourteenth century, when a large group of Silesian knights settled in Red Russia.”

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  1. Jirina Says:

    Hi, my name is Jirina and I´m grand doughter of Maria Bielik-Hanak. By doing the family-tree, I have found this web side when I was looking for Bielik family von Kornic. I would love to know if your family have a roots in Lednica and Zubak in Slovakia.

  2. Jo Says:

    Hello Jirina,

    My family name is Bilik (apparently deriving from Bielik) and we come from Poland and before Lviv and before Silesia in Poland so I don’t think so.. All I know is here. But again my knowledge is very shallow so you have to excuse me. Good luck finding out more!