Insect bite

We are sitting next to the pool and I am researching about bug bites as it breaks my heart to see Lula with a swollen and red eye.  Apparently it is very common in children to swell up like this especially on the face.  I just found this interesting method “the histamine being released now in his body ( causing the swelling) can be destroyed at a temp of 120 degrees F.
You can do this, without hurting your child, with a regular hair blow dryer – you just turn the blow dryer on, and wave it over the swollen place, like you were drying his hair at that site.
the dryer shouldn’t be closer than 4 inches to the skin. and since it is near his eye, i would have him close his eye, and cover it with his hand, while you blow dry from the other direction. this takes about 2 or 3 minutes. if he says the blow dryer is too hot, or uncomfortable, it should be furthur away from his head.

You can give him an antihistamine ( like Chlor-trimeton) but it will probably put him to sleep. or an ice pack on the swelling- but these are temporary.

the bizarre blow dryer thing will make the itching and swelling go away in less than 30 minutes.” We will attempt it shortly and see if it works!

Ok we tried it.. It did seem to go down a little.  But not sure.  Not as swollen I guess…

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