And here we are:) What a gorgeous place it is.  Absolutely enormous. 4 bedrooms, three bathrooms huge family home rather then holiday home.  It is really nice of W’s friend to let us stay here;) And the beach is close by! Most of all the weather is lovely 23C.  We got here with adventures…  First the plane left late.  When we arrived Lula got bitten by a mosquito on her right cheek and it got red a swollen.. Then we got stuck in a shop for half an hour and they took my note to get change and I was left standing there forever.  Then we took the wrong turning on a few occasions which added an extra 30-40 minutes to our journey.  We missed the owners who had to catch their own plane back..  And they got confused and did not leave the key in the key box.  So we had to wait another 30-40 minutes for someone to bring the key.  Phew!  What a day.  Then Lula got upset as she was just too hungry and tired.  Finally we got in and ate something and everything started to take a better shape!!! Today it feels like a real holiday.  The palms, olive trees, orange trees and of course the sun:) Poor Lula still looks like someone punched her:( And W scratched the side of our rental car whilst getting to the garage.  But we have spent all day in the swimming pool and on the beach and W made a lovely barbecue for dinner!

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