October already!!!

Time goes past by when you are busy!!  It’s nearly the middle of October already!

Frank is nearly 3 and a half months old.  He likes to coo and make funny sounds.  He is into his books and starts showing interest in toys.  Although his eyes usually are fixed on mummy:)  Oh and he loves his baths!

Lula is loving school, she is nearly swimming now and her piano lessons are going great. So much so we are buying a piano.  Digital one with weighted keys.  Well babcia and dziadek want to pay for it for Mikolajki..  They are too generous.

I’m tired and Warwick is a star.  He does so much DIY around the house on the weekend.  Apparently it has always been “in him” but he could not be bothered before as it was not his house. 🙂

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