Lula and Jamie

We went to Highgate Wood today to meet Jamie and Phoebe:)  The kids played tennis and went to the playground and then we had lunch.  I was 45 minutes late to meet Rachael – I guess it’s good we said 10-ish!  I need to start heading out early.  With 2 kids and getting out a pram etc it takes much longer getting places.  It will be interesting when school runs start in 3 weeks 🙁  !

Anyway Lula had a lovely time.  She adores Phoebe!  They had ice cream and played lovely.  On the way back Jamie asked if Lula can come over to his so Rachael took them all and I got a couple of hours before picking her up!  Went to Muswell Hill and had a lovely stroll and shops.  I was getting around 5-6 broken of hours of sleep a day so amazed at how I can drive or function but somehow I do:)

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