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Lula has been working very hard for 4 weeks and earned a pair of skates today;) (Well done my little honey pot!  You’ve been such an amazingly good girl this summer.) We all went to the park and she was learning to use them.  It’s good to be home! oh and lula lost her first tooth!!!

Oh ad it was particularly good to get Pepper back!  We missed him so much.  Thank you Gali for looking after him!

Gorgeous Suffolk

Posted in General on August 24th, 2010 by Jo

I just love this area!  It’s really beautiful.  So much so that we’ve booked a cottage for Easter for a week!  This time with a big garden.  I think the kids will love it;) Lula is particularly impressed with the room with the bunk beds.  Which is great as she will have one from January.  Well a high bed, when Frank will be moving in with her;)  And Frank has been taking advantage of the fresh sea air too and having a holiday mainly sleeping in the lovely bedroom.

Frank is 8 weeks old

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Frank has been fantastic on holiday!  He is such a good boy!  I am on the verge of exhaustion though as wake up a few times a night and I don’t get to nap during the day at all. 🙁  I got this horrible extremely painful ulcer on the tip of my tongue from lack of sleep, bad diet and just overall being runed down!  I really have to start a healthy diet and am extremely looking forward to Lula going back to school!  Anyhow enough with complaining as I am very happy and they are such good kids!  I am just runned down physically. Which is normal.  Particularly when you have no family to help:)

So going back to Frank.  He is fantastic at lifting his head and really into books!  And we are getting him to smile more and more everyday!  And he just turned 8 weeks today!


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We’ve become truly British.  Who would have thought that we will go with our children to the British seaside? 🙂

It’s lovely and Lula said she wants to move here FOREVER.  People are so friendly and even though the forecast says it will rain – we are all prepared with our wellies and rain coats;)

First smile

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Frank smiled for the first time today!  To daddy!  He had lot of smiles before but they were not directed at us.  He was now communicating directly with daddy and it was sooo cute!

Pilnuj bobaska

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Frank zasnal, a ja powiedzialam Pepperowi; “pilnuj bobaska” i chyba wzial sobie to do serca:)

Sukienka w maki

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Lula zawsze dostaje przepiekne sukienki od Babci Toni i uwielbia je nosic 🙂

Lula and Jamie

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We went to Highgate Wood today to meet Jamie and Phoebe:)  The kids played tennis and went to the playground and then we had lunch.  I was 45 minutes late to meet Rachael – I guess it’s good we said 10-ish!  I need to start heading out early.  With 2 kids and getting out a pram etc it takes much longer getting places.  It will be interesting when school runs start in 3 weeks 🙁  !

Anyway Lula had a lovely time.  She adores Phoebe!  They had ice cream and played lovely.  On the way back Jamie asked if Lula can come over to his so Rachael took them all and I got a couple of hours before picking her up!  Went to Muswell Hill and had a lovely stroll and shops.  I was getting around 5-6 broken of hours of sleep a day so amazed at how I can drive or function but somehow I do:)

Sto lat

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dla dziadka Andrzeja.  Mocno calujemy.

Goodbye Schrebski

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After 9 years we had to say goodbye to our Schrebski…  Unfortunately she has been getting poorer and poorer mentally and physically.  We took her to the vet for a check up as she was pooing all over the house.  And we discovered that she has a murmur in her heart:( She stopped washing, was dragging her legs behind and after trying medication etc the vet suggested that we need to let her go…  We hope you are happier in kitty heaven Schreppy.  Goodbye.