Registry office

Posted in General on July 6th, 2010 by Jo

We ventured out yesterday to register Frank:)  It was lovely going to the same place we got married over 6 years ago and where we registered Lula 5 and a half years ago 🙂  Frank slept all the way there and back and did not see at all what was going on. Either way he has now a birth certificate and proudly carries his name  Frank, Grand dad Andrzej’s name as his middle name and daddy’s surname!  He is such a good boy:)  He eats and sleeps and hardly cries.  And if he does he stops straight away when attended to.

Lula has had a little change to the routine and there is no doubt she was playing up a little, but she is so lovely and she is such a great big sister! She just understandably needs lots of love and reassurance.  Which of course we give her – as we love her so so much and Frank is an addition to our family and love and not taking anything away from her! 🙂 On another note she has been addicted to my I Shuffle!  Only Beatles songs though!  She loves listening to it before going to sleep with head phones on.  And she sings loudly. 🙂  “Yesterday” and “Can’t buy me love” are favourites.  I need to record it.

I just realised I lost a week somewhere and Lula has a beach school trip at the end of this week and there is only 16 days left till the end of the school year!  How quick!

5 days old:)

Posted in General on July 3rd, 2010 by Jo

Frank is already 5 days old and this is our 3rd day home!

Things are going well and Lula is a wonderful big sister!  Frank has been sleeping a lot, making all the expected things a little newborn is supposed to do 😉


Posted in General on July 1st, 2010 by Jo

We made it back home today!  Frank is doing great and so is Lula 😉  Mummy is worse for wear, but will get back on track soon – I hope.  Not too impressed with the way they cut me…  But overjoyed with this gorgeous little man! 😉