Getting back on track

I think after the first few days of astonishment we are slowly getting back on track with our life. 🙂  Lula is doing really well!

I’ve got a call from Gali yesterday who was coming my way and decided to venture out with 8 day old Frank for the first time!  He was so good and slept all the way through and I walked down to the Broadway with the pram.  Had a little argument with poor hubby on the phone as did not know how to put it together!  But ended up just using the car seat!  Seeing Gali was lovely and since I was in the area I thought I will make Lula a surprise and picked her up too!  I met lots of familiar faces who all coo’d over baby and got cards and even gorgeous flowers!  I made sure though Lula was number one and when asked about baby, would direct the subject to her being a big sister and does she want to show “her” baby brother.  She seemed to like that!

We then went back home and made some yummy dinner of Italian sausages and salad.  I have to say I am well impressed with myself.  😉

One Response to “Getting back on track”

  1. magda Says:

    I am impressed with you too!!!