Lula and Frank

Posted in General on July 31st, 2010 by Jo

It’s been over a week with Lula having no school.  Yesterday she was so sweet and she kissed and hugged Frank a lot.  He was looking at her and tried to hold her hand. 🙂  It’s hard juggling having a new baby and trying to have Lula entertained, but she’s been a star and is very independent now.  We’ve been out all week and yesterday we stayed home – which I needed a lot as I got some rest, whilst Lula watched telly and did cutting and drawing.

Granddad Nigel and aka Melitta’s visit

Posted in General on July 24th, 2010 by Jo

Nigel and Melitta came over to see Frank:)

Lula dresses Frank

Posted in General on July 19th, 2010 by Jo

Lula has a little fever. 🙁  I hope it goes away as she only has 3 days of school left this week and they are finishing our windows in the lounge tomorrow…  And of course because I want her to be well.

Still she seems ok, after some Neurofen. The only way I could tell was her lack of apetite.

She is getting more caring with Frank and this evening she hugged him and dressed him with just a little help from me. 🙂  Frank’s neck is very strong and he holds his head up quite a bit when we hold him up.  I am not sure if I remember it right but that’s early for a 3 week old?


Posted in General on July 18th, 2010 by Jo

Lula has earned her trip to the zoo and we have spent all day there.  We saw lions tigers, gorillas, flamingos, lamas etc… She got to go on the bouncy castle and merry go round.

She loved it!  And Frank was really good, although I have to say it’s a little difficult to be out for hours with a little baby…

Proud big sister

Posted in General on July 18th, 2010 by Jo

Lula loves pushing the pram and she is very protective of Frank:)

Few more pictures

Posted in General on July 15th, 2010 by Jo

Just a couple of pictures from today 🙂 Frank in his outfit from NZ.  Lula is such a good girl!  She is superb and she calls Frank “Mister Frank”, which is sooo sweet!:) She just insisted he takes part in book reading and requested he comes to her bed.  It’s all going very well. Tfu tfu tfu!

P.S. Happy birthday Gali;)

Little boy and little girl

Posted in General on July 12th, 2010 by Jo

Since Lula was a little naughty lately… We’ve pulled out the magic sticker chart for her and this seemed to have done the trick:)  She is behaving herself and if she gets good results she chose to get a etch-a-sketch.  And if she is extra specially good we will add a trip to the zoo on top! Fingers crossed!

Frank is growing and growing and getting a little more demanding:)  He sleeps less and smiles with his gorgeous dimple in the left cheek. He is such a cutie and we are completely in love. I was a little worried before he was born.  Simply because I love Lula soo extremely that I was not sure how I can love like this again..  But somehow love expands.  I still love Lula so much, but am so in love with Frank!

She’s so cute!

Posted in General on July 9th, 2010 by Jo

Lula came back very happy from the seaside and with a little sun burn on her back….

She is so great with Frank now – she holds him well and is is just very caring!  We are all roasting and she came to bed as we have the big fan on…  Poor Frank, it’s much too warm for him here!


Posted in General on July 9th, 2010 by Jo

Hot, hot, hot summer! Lula went to the beach today for a school trip! She was very excited and chose to wear her bikini and took her spade and bucket to make sand castles.  Me and Frank are hiding indoors! As it is a little cooler in here:)

He is really eating well and growing and becoming chunkier and I on the other hand am becoming smaller.  I have a long way to go though and will not be dieting until January when I stop breastfeeding, but I am trying to be active and it seems to work a little bit. 🙂  I am definitely in a better shape then I was after Lula! Weekend is here! Yippee!

Getting back on track

Posted in General on July 8th, 2010 by Jo

I think after the first few days of astonishment we are slowly getting back on track with our life. 🙂  Lula is doing really well!

I’ve got a call from Gali yesterday who was coming my way and decided to venture out with 8 day old Frank for the first time!  He was so good and slept all the way through and I walked down to the Broadway with the pram.  Had a little argument with poor hubby on the phone as did not know how to put it together!  But ended up just using the car seat!  Seeing Gali was lovely and since I was in the area I thought I will make Lula a surprise and picked her up too!  I met lots of familiar faces who all coo’d over baby and got cards and even gorgeous flowers!  I made sure though Lula was number one and when asked about baby, would direct the subject to her being a big sister and does she want to show “her” baby brother.  She seemed to like that!

We then went back home and made some yummy dinner of Italian sausages and salad.  I have to say I am well impressed with myself.  😉