Frank is born!

Posted in General on June 29th, 2010 by Jo

At 11.15 am on Tuesday, 29th of June.  Totally overwhelming and great!

Last day

Posted in General on June 28th, 2010 by Jo

The benefit of “Knowing” when baby is coming is that we could really organise everything.  We had a very relaxing weekend and Warwick took the day off today to take Lula to school and pick her up.  She is going for a sleepover at Jamie’s shortly 🙂  There is no going back now!

My dear husband invited me for a lovely lunch in Stoke Newington’s Yum Yum.  What a lovely place and delicious food!  Can’t believe we did not go before…  The Golden balls are scrumptious! It’s a scorcher again so hard to stay out to long – I am all puffed up and huge, but so happy!

Back home now, preparing Lula a little dinner and a raspberry/strawberry fool.  My little munchkin will see me now at the hospital with Franek!  We need to wash her as she came back a state from school and pack her overnight bag!  And then I can concentrate on sorting remaining bits for me for tomorrow.  See you soon with the news;)

Lula and Silas

Posted in General on June 26th, 2010 by Jo

It was so hot today:) We took Lula to the paddling pool and then met Sara and Silas for lunch. I’ve lasted quite a few hours. Can’t believe it’s our last weekend before Frank arrives! On our way out we caught Lula and Silas kissing outside. Lula was the instigator and I’ve never seen her behaving this way! I nearly went into labour!

Moomins mobile

Posted in General on June 23rd, 2010 by Jo

I am thinking “What else? Did I pack everything? Is everything ready?” With only a few days left I have a very strong “nesting” need 🙂 Hospital bag is packed, cot and changing table are set up, baby car seat is in the car. House is tidy.. I have just put this gorgeous Moomin mobile on. I have to take a better picture of it. And it makes me sooo happy 🙂 I think we are ready! We have pretty much everything from nappies muslins, blankets, play mats, bouncy chairs. And it all feels so unreal at the same time!

Happy fathers day

Posted in General on June 20th, 2010 by Jo

Happy Daddy’s day!
Lula is really crazy about her daddy and wants to be with him all the time! She even told me “it’s because I love Daddy more. I love you more too though.” 😉 Daddy got a gorgeous card saying “Lula hearts Daddy” with a picture.

Frank is coming on the 29th!!!!

Posted in General on June 15th, 2010 by Jo

It’s official. Frank will come on the 29th of June, unless he decides to come earlier of course 🙂 We had a scan today and at 37 weeks he weighs 3.3 kg, which is on the large side. No surprise there.
C-section is already planned and all is in place. Just 14 days left and it feels a little unreal. Can’t wait.

Lula and Ben

Posted in General on June 11th, 2010 by Jo

Lula has made friends with some girls (especially Charlotte and Priya) at school and she is more into pink and Barbies. But she is still a tomboy. She has been socially very active. Tomorrow she is going to 2 birthday parties – I have been bad with not taking pics…

For a long time now the most important person for Lula is Ben 🙂 I’ve tried to take a good picture of those 2 for sometime… This first one will have to do. She really really cares for him and depending on how things go she would be in a bad or good mood after school. Recently their friendship has been really blossoming and today Ben is coming for a play date. Lula can not wait. We’ve pulled out all the boy friendly toys – Lego, light sabers, Ben 10 figures. We will see how it goes:) Warwick reckons it is because Ben is the only boy taller then her. But really he is a lovely, well behaved little boy and if Lula chooses to be best friends with a boy rather then a girl it is cool. Plus it was like that before – with Silas. They are still very close, but Ben took over. 🙂 Second picture is from playdate – they are immersed in Star Wars V. 😉

Little chef

Posted in General on June 3rd, 2010 by Jo

It’s hot and we are waiting for a delivery. What could we do? We decided to make a summery couscous salad. I sat amazed watching my five year old practically doing it all by herself:)
Then we decided to make cupcakes:)


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Thank you for my new trainers Grandma!

Child’s day

Posted in General on June 1st, 2010 by Jo

Happy dzien dziecka to all my nieces and nephews! All 7 of you:)
Lula got a Charlie and Lola puzzle from us and lots of presents from babcia i dziadek! She got really spoilt!

I need to start taking pictures more! I’ve been really bad!

On Saturday we went for a lovely lunch to Sara and Silas. Silas has two kittens Maisy and Tilley. They are sooo cute. Sara made a gorgeous lunch of salmon and asparagus and we brought uncle Zurek with us.

Yesterday we went for lunch to Jamie and Phoebe and Rachael made a gorgeous lunch and a to die for chocolate and cherries cake! They were looking after a huge golden retriever called Lloyd and Lula had a blast playing with him in the garden. He was enormous but soo friendly and gentle:) Warwick went all soft in the knees for him. He woud really love a dog like this.

And today it’s half term. No school and rain. So we are taking it easy:) Which is lovely! Just staying home and doing puzzles, drawing, reading and watching telly! Yippee! Summer is back from tomorrow and the sun will shine for the rest of the week.