Big bicycle

Posted in General on April 27th, 2010 by Jo

Lula is on her big bicycle 🙂 It took her a few months but she got the courage and she is now loving it! Babcia Tonia and Dziadek Andrzej got this great Islabike for her for Christmas. What a great way of getting to school with me trying to keep “close” behind. Which means Lula goes to the end of the street and comes back to me a few times. It’s a great improvement as before she used to drive to the end of the road and wait there, but I guess with me being as slow as I am now she found ways of making it more fun:)

Early morning

Posted in General on April 23rd, 2010 by Jo

It’s so light and sunny that we ended up waking up early and coming to school early:)

Baby wish list

Posted in General on April 20th, 2010 by Jo

Just a quick reminder:) If you want to get baby something to avoid duplicates and un-useful items we have a wish list. Only 66 days to go on number 39072

Thank you! 🙂

Walking to school is proving more of challenge for me now:) It’s a good twenty minutes and Lula is going so fast on her scooter:) 9 weeks to go though! Frank will be coming anytime between the 22nd and 29th of June. They will confirm the date of the elective next month.

School starts tomorrow!

Posted in General on April 18th, 2010 by Jo

Can’t believe it went so fast! But we were so busy and Lula was soooo goood! And the weather is so lovely:)


Posted in General on April 13th, 2010 by Jo

With no school we have so much more time for each other and our friends. Today we had a play date with Surreya. The girls had a lovely time in the park. Lula of course climbed a few trees – I kind off know who she hads it after 😉 They played in the play ground and had ice cream in the sun! We then did some exploring in the “jungle”. We found a stone ring and seats for the fairy queen and the fairy king.


Posted in General on April 12th, 2010 by Jo

We had a very busy weekend and what a glorious one it was! Lots of sunshine and so warm.
We went to see Nino and Will in Turnbridge Wells on Saturday and we met little Zavier and of course Alohi. How cute are they! Turnbridge Wells is a lovely place. I love Nino’s taste and how she has done their place. It makes me want to put more effort into our place which is still not 100% there. But I guess I will wait a little until Frank comes along 🙂

Yesterday we went to Amelie’s birthday and spent a few hours in the hot sun in the garden. I am so pleased spring is here!

1st picnic

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this year of course:)

Spring is here!!!

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Lula has no school now until the 19th of April and we are very lucky as spring is here! We had a lovely day in the park the other day and it was so sunny and warm! We do play dates and meet friends for lunch every day. Yippee! It’s so nice not having to rush in the morning. Instead we wake up and do pregnancy yoga together. Lula is very good at joining in 🙂 She is so loving and caring and just fun to be with! I am such a lucky mummy.


Posted in General on April 3rd, 2010 by Jo

Zyczymy wam wesolego Jajka:) Happy Easter!

Lula got a package with lovely clothes from Babcia Tonia and she put some on straight away – of course:) She looks so grown up! Thank you:)


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Thank you for all my wishes, presents and I had a lovely lovely day:) I’ve already put the pics on Fakebook.

Lula made me the loveliest (sorry everyone) card! And Schrebski and Pepper behaved too thanks to Feliway… 🙂