It’s love

I’ve been so bad with the blog:) Lula has been such an amazing girl! There are so many moments I should capture on camera, but in our busy life it is hard to do;) Her relationship with Pepper is blossoming and it’s lovely to see:)
She has been preparing for the role of a big sister and she takes it very seriously, she talks about what she will do with Frank and how he will look up to her! She has also been very loving toward me and taking care of me. She’s a sweetheart. Pregnancy wise (how little time one has the second time round!) I am feeling really well, apart from having ballooned from a size 12 to a 16! Going to yoga classes and walking a lot helps though. I have this feeling Frank will be a tall boy as Lula was a tall baby:) We will find out if we will have to have an elective due to the size or not in a couple of months. If so baby will be born towards the end of June… Either way can’t wait:)

On another note Happy birthday little Sasha! Hope you like your present!

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