Baby gift list is done!!!

Posted in General on February 21st, 2010 by Jo

After finding out that 3 people already are making the same pressie I have decided to put something together. Consisting of things that we actually need and will use! Again don’t worry about getting us anything if you are not planning too, but if you were or are here it is. Baby shower’s wish list number is 39072. Please go to and click on Find a list on the right hand menu.
When you have found the list, you may like to save it to your favourites/bookmark it, so that you can go straight to it the next time. Ok I still will add more items. And if you don’t like anything just contact me please:)

P.S. If you chose something remove from the list please, don’t just tell me.;) Thank you! xxx

Baby gift list

Posted in General on February 19th, 2010 by Jo

I am so going to make a gift list now! Especially after finding out 3 people are knitting wraps/blankets! Which is greatly appreciated – apart from the fact that I bought one in January and 1 spare one would have been enough. I will put something together soon.

Half term

Posted in General on February 19th, 2010 by Jo

Very busy week! Yesterday we had Lula’s girlfriends over Priya, Surreya and her 7 year old sister Yasmine. They had so much fun. Dressing up, drawing and making paper purses and accessories. Basically making a huge mess:) It was a long day for me, but I think it’s lovely for them to bond outside of school. Lula must have appreciated it as she made me a lovely card:)

Today we are off to Arthur to meet him and Fred with siblings for a playdate. We’ve baked some cupcakes and we are just putting icing on it. It’s so nice not to have to get up to school:) But it will be great to get back to the normal routine on Monday too!


Posted in General on February 16th, 2010 by Jo

Subconsciousness was right 🙂

20 week scan and gift list

Posted in General on February 16th, 2010 by Jo

I am off in a moment for lunch with Sara and Silas, then Lula has her dentist check up and then… it’s our 20 week scan! We will probably find out if it’s a little brother or a sister for Lula:) Very exciting.
The interesting part is that I am convinced that it is a little sister. At the same time I looked at the things I purchased; a white and grey blanket, blue and white muslins and a blue Bugaboo Bee pram… I think this is quite boyish.. So it’s as if my consciousness says girl girl girl and my subconsciousness says boy boy boy. I guess we will see very soon which one is right!

I am very pleased as we have made a list of things needed and lots of them are given to us by friends, so we are sooooo sorted. Car seat from Charlotte, cot and changing table from Rachel. Rachael also suggested she has some things… On top of it I got a great bargain – an as new buggy. Could not help my self when I saw an occasion! And I also got a blanket weeks ago and some good stuff at the nearly new sale – a rocker chair, play mat etc… So all we really need is a mattress, bedding, clothes, baby monitors, changing mat, toiletries, nappies etc… That’s not a lot:) You learn the second time round! No point in spending lots and lots of money:)

If you do want to get baby something, please do not get teddy bears or plastic toys and no blankets please! Apparently already 3 wool blankets are being made so please NO MORE!!! (and that’s not counting the lovely cashmere blend I got.:) Clothes in bigger sizes (3-6 months for autumn and 6-9 months for winter and 9-12 months for spring) are always good – we really like the mariner style, blue navy green, stripes etc… Books and we always appreciate handmade stuff and we like natural and organic products…

I will make a wish list soon.
Still there is quite a few months to go we are half way through now! I better go and hopefully will have some news later on!


Posted in General on February 12th, 2010 by Jo

Must be my Parisian friends influence as I’ve been cooking French this week. Yesterday cassoulet and this morning with the help of my lovely Lula we’ve made some delicious madelaines I am very impressed I managed to take a picture at all they disappear so fast!



Posted in General on February 11th, 2010 by Jo

We had a consultation at school and Lula is doing so well with reading and writing:) She is such a bright little girl and we are very proud:)