Saturday afternoon

Posted in General on January 30th, 2010 by Jo

How lovely it is to see Lula with Daddy again. It’s been a long 5-6 weeks for her not being able to even hold his hand or kiss him… But he is pretty much back to normal and she is taking full advantage of it and using him as her comfy Daddy:) Such a lovely picture.

Pregnancy is moving forward. I feel great. Only downside is that I am officially fat now. But we are nearly half way through. 2 weeks and we will find out if it’s a Betty or a Frank. My gut feeling tells me it’s Betty.:) Lula’s school and after school activities and playdates are really taking over and I dream of some time off! We’ve met lots of new parents through the school and there are friends for dinner constantly.

On another note I have been asked by my dear childhood friend to be God mother to her new son. And I am very touched and happy:) Thank you for trusting in me with this position. I will do my best to deserve this honor;) I know it is a serious decision. I feel I chose very well with Lula’s Godmother Dora, who has been amazing. Thank you Auntie Dora:)

Happy birthday Lula:)

Posted in General on January 9th, 2010 by Jo

Lula had a fantastic birthday;) Maestro of photography Nick Tucker made it and did not disappoint:) The first 3 pics are not by him of course.


Posted in General on January 8th, 2010 by Jo

School closed again… But Lula was such a great helper:) We made her fairy pink 24 inch vanilla and strawberries and cream cake and it is all ready in the fridge for tomorrow! The butterflies and decorations are made from sugar, I got them on Ebay:) The cake was the biggest challenge and with it done everything seems a breeze. It’s much more rewarding making your own cake! Off to Ben’s 5th birthday party in a moment and then we will start decorating:)


Posted in General on January 7th, 2010 by Jo

What did I get myself into:)
Lula’s birthday is on Saturday morning and I have to do most things tomorrow. I do hope the school is opened! And we have a party to attend to in the afternoon. So here is hoping all will be normal and I will get to bake and decorate the cake during the day and enough time to open the 40 plus mexican paper flowers I have made and left in harmonicas.. Most importantly I hope she loves her party and presents. Oh and I hope Nick Tucker makes it to the party. He is such an amazing photographer. So fingers crossed I will have something to show for:)

First buy

Posted in General on January 6th, 2010 by Jo

Warwick (still not 100%) went back to work on Monday, Lula to school and everything slowly is going back to normal. Gymnastics, ballet, music, meeting friends going about our business.. There is some heavy snow on the ground and once again very unusually for London at this time of the year it is a full on winter wonderland:) Lula is wearing her snow pants and snow gloves and in a way it feels like we live somewhere in Norway or Eastern Europe! It must be 10 inches of snow outside our house. Of course school tomorrow will be closed…

I made my first baby purchase yesterday. A gorgeous Bonnie Baby cashmere/cotton blend blanket in grey and white. It was the last one on sale and so soft and lovely to touch and look that I did not try to stop myself. It will be another month before we find out if it is a Betty or a Frank, so no purchases until then. But officially baby has a thing of it’s own already at this early stage:) I also think at some point I will make a little list for those who will want to get baby something. My friends in the US and Canada have baby showers, which is something we don’t really do this side of the pond. But for those who will be wanting to get baby something it is better to have some suggestions, then to get 20 teddy bears and some other multiple items. As it happened with Lula:) So I will put something together in the future:)