Baby moves

I can feel the baby move! With Lula it wasn’t until much much later. I don’t remember exactly I think around 20 weeks or so… But with this pregnancy I felt the baby as early as 11 weeks the first time and again now at just under 13 weeks. I’ve checked on the internet and apparently it does happen with second, third etc pregnancies:) We saw on the scan that baby was moving a lot:) Again I have to mention how different this pregnancy is to my first one with Lula. With Lula all I thought about was the pregnancy, all I talked about was the pregnancy. Whereas here I am of course extremely happy and excited. But I live my life, think about everyday things, take interest in my friends, take care of my husband and most importantly am very involved with my dear Lula. Who is just so sweet, warm, hug-able and loving that I really could not ask for a sweetest little daughter. We of course have lots of years in front of us of learning, changing and evolving, but I am looking at this adorable little being and am so proud to be given this privilage to me guiding her and to be giving her love, strong roots and forever a safety net! Can’t wait for our family to expand and for us to have even more love in our hearts:)

On another note I need fruits and vegetables and our fridge is empty. I ate lots and lots of babka yesterday and feel quite sick now!

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