Christmas season

What a lovely and eventful weekend and how completely spoilt Lula is. She got a package from Waszulka (we are waiting till her bday;)), then we went out yesterday for lunch with auntie Dora and Ian, who gave her a big bag full of pressies. Then we got a lovely 8 feet Christmas tree and we decorated it all evening. Lula did so well and it looks beautiful!
Today Lula had lots of presents in her stocking from Mikolaj, then we went to Charlottes’ for lunch with lots of chocolate cake! Fred and Arthur were there with siblings so there was lots and lots of fun!
Then in the afternoon we went to the studios to see uncle Stevie and Pati. On the way we got her her beloved patent red shoes that I promised her for a while. They were sold out everywhere but by luck I run into a little shop on our way and they had them. At the studios Lula was recording some funny stories, uncle Steve has some ideas and will put music with them. She also got a huge jar of chocolate stars. If that is not enough we then went for pizza and Italian icecream! What a weekend:)

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