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Nigdy nie mialam przyjemnosci poznac swojego dziadka Adama Bilika, gdyz umarl 1943 roku. Natomiast z historii, ktore o nim slyszalam, to byc nawet po czesci taka osoba jak on, byloby przywilejem. Z duma zamieszczam, wiec ten drobny tekst i upewnie sie, ze jego prawnuki Lula i jej siostrzyczka/brat beda o nim wiedzieli:)

Baby moves

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I can feel the baby move! With Lula it wasn’t until much much later. I don’t remember exactly I think around 20 weeks or so… But with this pregnancy I felt the baby as early as 11 weeks the first time and again now at just under 13 weeks. I’ve checked on the internet and apparently it does happen with second, third etc pregnancies:) We saw on the scan that baby was moving a lot:) Again I have to mention how different this pregnancy is to my first one with Lula. With Lula all I thought about was the pregnancy, all I talked about was the pregnancy. Whereas here I am of course extremely happy and excited. But I live my life, think about everyday things, take interest in my friends, take care of my husband and most importantly am very involved with my dear Lula. Who is just so sweet, warm, hug-able and loving that I really could not ask for a sweetest little daughter. We of course have lots of years in front of us of learning, changing and evolving, but I am looking at this adorable little being and am so proud to be given this privilage to me guiding her and to be giving her love, strong roots and forever a safety net! Can’t wait for our family to expand and for us to have even more love in our hearts:)

On another note I need fruits and vegetables and our fridge is empty. I ate lots and lots of babka yesterday and feel quite sick now!

Our Christmas

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Merry Christmas dear friends:)

We had a very quiet one because of daddy and decided to just stay home.

Yesterday night we opened, or shall I say Lula opened her multiple presents! A Islabike from babcia and dziadek, a Lightning McQueen electric race set, presents from Auntie Dora and Ian, big LEGO box, tons of books, games etc… Thank you for the packages and cards!
I’ve made turkey, mash, brussels sprouts with cranberry sauce and a home made panettone:) We just stayed together and had a very peaceful time.
P.S. The panettone or babka in Polish was made using the recipe from the cookbook of Aniela Rubinstein“Nela’s cookbook”, that my mum sent me. Artur’s Rubinstein’s wife Nela gives measurements for two babka’s straight away as she says they don’t last a minute they are so delicious! And it is so true! Once you tasted a home made babka you’d never buy one in the shop.:)

The picture of the snow is from the 23rd. It’s all melted now:)


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Daddy is feeling better:) What a relief. Still lots of pain, but better!

Most importantly though we had our 12 weeks scan today and on the dot, well nearly it is 11 weeks and 6 days and baby is all well. Very active sucking it’s thumb and moving around. We could see the face features and it was so unexpected! When we saw Lula first she was just a blob🙂 Whereas here it was a real baby:) We of course as us have names already Betty if it’s a girl or Frank if it’s a boy (this could still change, until recently Charlotte was a fav). I feel so much better then with my first pregnancy, still with first trimester nearly behind us it should get even better:)

Daddy had an accident

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Daddy had an accident before yesterday on his bicycle and he is in hospital… Both arms broken, fractured nose, badly damaged face and tooth missing. But the scariest is the bruise on the front brain and reccuring short memory loss….
We love you very very very much Warwick. Of to the hospital soon…

Where the wild things are

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We went to see Where the wild things are with Silas and Sara:) What a lovely film:)
Lula and Silas loved it and we got a little tearful at the end when Max was living the Wild Things:)
We then went to Marine Ices and for a stroll in Primrose Hill. Lovely day and great company!

Christmas season

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What a lovely and eventful weekend and how completely spoilt Lula is. She got a package from Waszulka (we are waiting till her bday;)), then we went out yesterday for lunch with auntie Dora and Ian, who gave her a big bag full of pressies. Then we got a lovely 8 feet Christmas tree and we decorated it all evening. Lula did so well and it looks beautiful!
Today Lula had lots of presents in her stocking from Mikolaj, then we went to Charlottes’ for lunch with lots of chocolate cake! Fred and Arthur were there with siblings so there was lots and lots of fun!
Then in the afternoon we went to the studios to see uncle Stevie and Pati. On the way we got her her beloved patent red shoes that I promised her for a while. They were sold out everywhere but by luck I run into a little shop on our way and they had them. At the studios Lula was recording some funny stories, uncle Steve has some ideas and will put music with them. She also got a huge jar of chocolate stars. If that is not enough we then went for pizza and Italian icecream! What a weekend:)

5th December

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I so love this Simonetta dress!  It costs a fortune but it looks pretty straight forward to sew.  Love it love it love it!

We are off in a second to get the Christmas tree, I need to get some hooks to hang the stockings on the fire place for Mikolajki:)

And I have some amazing cravings!  I certainly did not have them with Lula:)  Warwick had to run to get a jerk chicken salad from Banners, yesterday it had to be french bread and boursin and now I need sausages and beans:)  I have a very healthy appetite, unfortunately it shows in my front and behind.  But hey we knew it is going to happen:)

More mince pies

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This is like a mince pie factory in here today:)

They have Warwicks and Lula’s name on it:)  And if Warwick let’s me a few will go for the Christmas fair at school…

Lula got a package from babcia Tonia with a gorgeous outfit and Xmas card:)  Can’t wait for her to come back home to see it:) I’m off to Muswell Hill as I’ve got a big craving for Turkish Delights with pistachios in them, will get some dried fruits whilst I am at it:)  And then I will pick Lula up from school and take her to gymnastics.