Coming up to December…

I have not had much time at all to take care of the blog!  Weeks are so busy and we hardly have any time at all!

My friend Joanna visited from Poland and we saw her today which was lovely:)  I am very happy for her as she has a new Polish partner who lives in England, so she will be coming more often.  🙂

So many things on the agenda.  Next weekend buying the Christmas tree and Mikolajki, lunch at Charlotte’s, then Xmas is just around the corner and I still have not decided what will be happening.  I was supposed to host as my friends are moving to London but then decided it would be nice to have a quiet, relaxing one with just us three.  I will miss my folks so so much though.  Presents are in the post and all is sorted.

Then Lula’s birthday is all booked.  She now wants a princess fairy party and babcia Tonia is getting her the bike, so we got a proper fairy to come.  I want to decorate the house appropriately and here I found inspiration. I am going to put some green toile and decorate it with paper flowers and butterflies.  Lula is going to be properly spoilt in the next month.

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