Coming up to December…

Posted in General on November 28th, 2009 by Jo

I have not had much time at all to take care of the blog!  Weeks are so busy and we hardly have any time at all!

My friend Joanna visited from Poland and we saw her today which was lovely:)  I am very happy for her as she has a new Polish partner who lives in England, so she will be coming more often.  🙂

So many things on the agenda.  Next weekend buying the Christmas tree and Mikolajki, lunch at Charlotte’s, then Xmas is just around the corner and I still have not decided what will be happening.  I was supposed to host as my friends are moving to London but then decided it would be nice to have a quiet, relaxing one with just us three.  I will miss my folks so so much though.  Presents are in the post and all is sorted.

Then Lula’s birthday is all booked.  She now wants a princess fairy party and babcia Tonia is getting her the bike, so we got a proper fairy to come.  I want to decorate the house appropriately and here I found inspiration. I am going to put some green toile and decorate it with paper flowers and butterflies.  Lula is going to be properly spoilt in the next month.

Little cutie

Posted in General on November 14th, 2009 by Jo

I’m totally in love with my little daughter.  She is just the cutest:)

We just got back from school, where we had a jumble sale to raise funds for the children’s playground etc..  Our class ran the cafe stall and as the Class Rep I got donations from shops and collected them.  We sold them with the help of parents from our class and Lula played all day with her friends.  I am completely utterly exhausted, but at the same time can not help but loving being involved with Lula’s new school and all that comes with it.


Another school day

Posted in General on November 10th, 2009 by Jo

Off to school on a bicycle like every day with Mummy getting a good work out running after Lula:)

Lula hurt her ankle at the school playground and looked soooo cute:) She is such a Mummy’s girl now and I love it!  Sorry Daddy:) xxx

I just looked back and thought it would be nice for future references to list Lula’s fav activities and so on:)  Lula goes to ballet, gymnastics and music after school.  Her fav books are Winnie the Witch, Meg and Mog, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Snow white and the 7th Dwarfs, The tiny seed.


Posted in General on November 4th, 2009 by Jo

Lula has a best friend called Charlotte.  She is also friends with Evie. It is a big deal as Lula always played with a group of people or boys:)  Both Charlotte and Evie are lovely and so are their mums so fingers crossed.  I can see the impact school life has already as Lula wants a pink cake and a fairy party for her birthday.  I think our little girl is growing up:)

And I posted a couple of pictures of Lula in Babcia Tonia’s knitted dress, cause we really appreciate it;)

New logo:)

Posted in General on November 2nd, 2009 by Jo

As you can see we have a new logo designed by Lula:)  Here it is Lula’s dog!

Domadoll Doll

Posted in General on November 1st, 2009 by Jo

Can you believe that it is 4 weeks to Mikolajki and Christmas is in less then 8 weeks?  Not only we have to come up with the presents for it, but we also have to decide about Lula’s birthday as everyone will have to be invited before Xmas.  That’s quite a bit to organise…  I am looking around for ideas.  At the moment it seems Lula wants a Little Mermaid party… Santa is looking if she is a good girl and if she is she will get some new Winnie the Witch books as she really wanted them at a resent visit to the bookstore.

We seem to be confused about the wish list though.  She mentioned a few times a blue kangaroo because of the book:)  So me and Warwick are discussing options:)  I came across this amazing and extremely expensive doll.  I completely fell in love with it. Warwick is quite right when he says it would be more for me then Lula:)  And it is just not an appropriate present for a 5 year old.  Particularly that Lula is more into sports and books then dolls.  Although she has a big thing for Pegasus, and she absolutely loved the doll when I showed her the picture…   Domadoll has lots other gorgeous dolls.

P.S. 3rd Nov Good news I am completely over it and happy with a choice of a new bicycle:) Someday though….