Witch princess

We (we = me and Lula) jumped in the car yesterday and went for a spot of shopping:)  Lula got a pink dress from H & M (Magda kupilismy Alkowi czapeczke misia, wysylam dzisiaj, nie moglam sie oczywiscie powstrzymac:)).  Apparently “Absolutely my best and favourite ever”.  So how could I refuse?  I went down the stairs today and here was Lula.  “I’m a witch princess mummy”.  Will anything surprise me anymore?:)

I just ordered those gorgeous coasters from Donna Wilson.  Hurray love them.  And informed Warwick that for Xmas I would love love love a new dinnerware set.  We have a lovely blue Cornishware set.  It is absolutely perfect for day time and hard wearing.  When you have kids you have to think of that:)  But I really want something for the evening and special occasions.  My mum of course has Rosenthal and my sister in Law has something gorgeous and pricey too.  But I will be very happy with something that looks in the style of Rosenthal Monbijou.  God I’m so boring:)  Maybe white and just a few pieces so we can collect.  Here you go hubby, here’s present ideas sorted for you:)

Now do I want to start doing the jack o lantern and pumpkin pie today, or shall I leave it all for tomorrow morning…  We have to be at the party at midday. I guess I could try tonight.  Warwick is going for some manly bone marrow sucking (They are going to St John, which specialises in head to tail eating) with Christian tonight.  That reminds me – I should take advantage and get some chickflicks out:)  Oh yes.  An undisturbed evening of icecream and romantic comedies. And here it is I admitted it.  As much as I love arty films such as Happiness, Hole in the floor, Factotum and the likes of Jarmusch, Lynch or Burton to name a few.  I am also a big sucker for a boy meets girl and they fall inlove blablaba.  I think pumpkin can wait until tomorrow.

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