Xmas cake

Since we are both ill and it is half term.  We are stuck at home…  Time to find those arty crafty things to do.  Lula is colouring her Mona the vampire book, still wearing her catsuit:) She has it on every day!

Me I am finding tasks.

I’ve never made a fruit Christmas cake before.  We don’t have those back home:)  It is really important for me that Lula gets some of her English culture too through my cooking and has those wonderful childhood memories of her home:)  My mum learned to cook Polish and I very much associate all holidays with amazing, delicious feasts of taste, colour and smell.  I don’t think I will ever be able to match that, but I certainly intend on following to the best of my abilities.  I got a Xmas  cake recipe from Rachel and yesterday I made it.  I think I left it in the oven for 5 minutes too long, but it tastes great.  Something to give to guests when they come over for a cup of tea.

On another note – I’m really enjoying my armchair it is the most comfortable one!  Really great place to do my knitting:)

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