I’m just making the apple and plum crumble intended for Nigel and Melitta.  Custard is going to be ready soon.  I have used honey instead of sugar and had to lick the bowl it was so yummy.  Lula would have usually done it, but she is ill and has no appetite.  And because of that Gramps and Aka postponed for another 2 weeks.  Still I had to use the groceries so we’ll have a lovely dessert.

We’ve been properly living in our flat for 2 months or so.  Even though we got the keys in June, the renovation took forever.  So finally I got together a few pictures, so you can all see how it looks. I have to take a better picture of our bedroom as it is actually large…

It’s still an ongoing process.   I want to get bits and bobs to make it look more homey.  As it is quite a lot bigger than our old flat it feels a little empty:)  I want a sideboard for the lounge and a tv stand.  The one I like is from Habitat, Masai and it costs a hefty few hundred pounds.  So will have to wait a bit.  The coffee table does not fit with the new furniture and the table in the lounge also needs a new replacement. But for now that’s the way it looks.

4 Responses to “Flat”

  1. KASIA Says:

    lovely!!! well done!!!

  2. Jo Says:

    Tankju:) Kiedy sie widzimy stara?

  3. magda Says:

    pieknie! i przytulnie. ale by sie chcialo na herbatke i kawalek takiego chrismas cake zajrzec. moze w 2010? buziaki.

  4. Jo Says:

    Kochana przyjezdzaj kiedy chcesz;)