Happy Halloween

Posted in General on October 31st, 2009 by Jo

Some of us walk up early today and carved a pumpkin, made a pumpkin pie and pumpkin and lentil soup:)

Others are still in bed because they came back at 3am;)  We are all ready to go off to the party.  Thank fully it is warm today, a little rainy but warm.

Amazing how quickly a giant bucket of sweets went:)

Witch princess

Posted in General on October 30th, 2009 by Jo

We (we = me and Lula) jumped in the car yesterday and went for a spot of shopping:)  Lula got a pink dress from H & M (Magda kupilismy Alkowi czapeczke misia, wysylam dzisiaj, nie moglam sie oczywiscie powstrzymac:)).  Apparently “Absolutely my best and favourite ever”.  So how could I refuse?  I went down the stairs today and here was Lula.  “I’m a witch princess mummy”.  Will anything surprise me anymore?:)

I just ordered those gorgeous coasters from Donna Wilson.  Hurray love them.  And informed Warwick that for Xmas I would love love love a new dinnerware set.  We have a lovely blue Cornishware set.  It is absolutely perfect for day time and hard wearing.  When you have kids you have to think of that:)  But I really want something for the evening and special occasions.  My mum of course has Rosenthal and my sister in Law has something gorgeous and pricey too.  But I will be very happy with something that looks in the style of Rosenthal Monbijou.  God I’m so boring:)  Maybe white and just a few pieces so we can collect.  Here you go hubby, here’s present ideas sorted for you:)

Now do I want to start doing the jack o lantern and pumpkin pie today, or shall I leave it all for tomorrow morning…  We have to be at the party at midday. I guess I could try tonight.  Warwick is going for some manly bone marrow sucking (They are going to St John, which specialises in head to tail eating) with Christian tonight.  That reminds me – I should take advantage and get some chickflicks out:)  Oh yes.  An undisturbed evening of icecream and romantic comedies. And here it is I admitted it.  As much as I love arty films such as Happiness, Hole in the floor, Factotum and the likes of Jarmusch, Lynch or Burton to name a few.  I am also a big sucker for a boy meets girl and they fall inlove blablaba.  I think pumpkin can wait until tomorrow.

Xmas cake

Posted in General on October 27th, 2009 by Jo

Since we are both ill and it is half term.  We are stuck at home…  Time to find those arty crafty things to do.  Lula is colouring her Mona the vampire book, still wearing her catsuit:) She has it on every day!

Me I am finding tasks.

I’ve never made a fruit Christmas cake before.  We don’t have those back home:)  It is really important for me that Lula gets some of her English culture too through my cooking and has those wonderful childhood memories of her home:)  My mum learned to cook Polish and I very much associate all holidays with amazing, delicious feasts of taste, colour and smell.  I don’t think I will ever be able to match that, but I certainly intend on following to the best of my abilities.  I got a Xmas  cake recipe from Rachel and yesterday I made it.  I think I left it in the oven for 5 minutes too long, but it tastes great.  Something to give to guests when they come over for a cup of tea.

On another note – I’m really enjoying my armchair it is the most comfortable one!  Really great place to do my knitting:)


Posted in General on October 23rd, 2009 by Jo

I’m just making the apple and plum crumble intended for Nigel and Melitta.  Custard is going to be ready soon.  I have used honey instead of sugar and had to lick the bowl it was so yummy.  Lula would have usually done it, but she is ill and has no appetite.  And because of that Gramps and Aka postponed for another 2 weeks.  Still I had to use the groceries so we’ll have a lovely dessert.

We’ve been properly living in our flat for 2 months or so.  Even though we got the keys in June, the renovation took forever.  So finally I got together a few pictures, so you can all see how it looks. I have to take a better picture of our bedroom as it is actually large…

It’s still an ongoing process.   I want to get bits and bobs to make it look more homey.  As it is quite a lot bigger than our old flat it feels a little empty:)  I want a sideboard for the lounge and a tv stand.  The one I like is from Habitat, Masai and it costs a hefty few hundred pounds.  So will have to wait a bit.  The coffee table does not fit with the new furniture and the table in the lounge also needs a new replacement. But for now that’s the way it looks.

Halloween kitty

Posted in General on October 19th, 2009 by Jo

Lula decided she wants to be a cat for Halloween this year.  We are invited to Silas for a party.  I hope the weather is nice as his garden is a perfect place.  It is long and has windy paths between tall trees.  I promised Sarah that I will make a pumpkin pie.  We can not wait already.  We are still waiting for the tail and ears, but Lula had to try the outfit already.

Ready for winter

Posted in General on October 17th, 2009 by Jo

We went to Angel today to get some wool for those scarfs we are knitting:)  And then we got back home and made the mince for mince pies.  We got the recipe from Heather in New Zealand and we are ever so grateful!  It’s the same amount of raisins 227 g, mixed peel, sultanas, green apples, currants, brown soft sugar, a third of that up to 85 g in whole almonds with skins, tsp ginger, tsp nutmeg, pinch of salt, half a cup of cointreau and mince it all.  Put in the fridge.  Then just make the pastry and fill it with this lovely mixture and Christmas season here we come:)

Lula is at school!

Posted in General on October 11th, 2009 by Jo

Lula has successfully started Reception class:)  Everyday we go on the bicycle.  She is such a grown up girl.

Driving license

Posted in General on October 11th, 2009 by Jo

I’ve passed my driving test!  Hip hip hurray!

I can take Lula to all her after school classes:)  Ballet, Gymnastics and Music here we come without being absolutely exhausted at 5pm!

Polish lunch

Posted in General on October 1st, 2009 by Jo

I can finally have proper parties:)  We have a fantastic extendable table so 8 for lunch plus kids is a breeze:)

It was our turn to host Sunday lunch and we got asked to make a typical Polish menu.  Bigos, pierogi (z miesem i ruskie), kotlet schabowy with cabbage, carrot and mizeria salads.  And of course could not do without a proper baked cheesecake too!  Yum.

P.S. This one was a little bit too boozy if you ask me.