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Things are moving along at home and it’s looking better and better. Can not wait to move back in to our new all made up house!

We got some new furniture too. A great armchair by Terence Conran (knock off of Hans Wegner’s wing chair if you ask me and all the better for it!) and some lovely leather chairs for the dining table. We’ve been having problems with finding a dining table though. We have a couple of requirements a very modern black table that extends… We want it to be wooden not glass. I don’t want chunky legs. It basically needs to be a beauty. I’ve been looking online. We’ve been all over the place from King’s Rd to Tottenham Court Rd and Portobello. From Heals, Habitat to the Conran Shop and little retro designer stores. Yes before you ask we have done John Lewis and all the main stores too. I’m planning to go to Spitafields this weekend.

I think if it continues this way I might put this on hold for the moment and maybe concentrate on a sofa. I want something to match our modern/retro look and my mum suggested the banana sofa , we found something which looks very similar but modern:) It’s all slowly coming together….

Little kitty

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What a few weeks!

The renovation is in full process! Floors taken out everywhere! Plastering and painting!

And we are house sitting at Rachael’s who is sailing in Greece at the moment. Very convenient indeed 🙂

Lula is having so much fun in this big house. She knows it so well it’s like a second home anyway!

The Raglan Hotel in Muswell Hill

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Beware everybody! Maybe someone will find this and it will help you not make a mistake!

I am writing as I am absolutely appalled by the service received at The Raglan.

My mum and sister in Law came to visit me for the weekend and I was looking for a nice clean hotel locally. I have passed in front of the Raglan in Muswell Hill a few times and thought they looked nice. Also after looking at the site and reading that it is a delux 3 star hotel I felt assured that this would be a nice place to put them in.

I have come a week before my families arrival to settle everything and was assured my family will be let straight in to their rooms. At the time I waited 20 minutes as there was a customer in front of me, I have asked the receptionist if I could be shown one of the rooms. I was told that he is too busy, but if I wait another 20 minutes he can try. He assured me that the rooms are very clean and in good condition as seen on the website and in the lobby, which is quite clean, with washed windows and so on….

On the first day of the arrival (Friday 17th of July), we were met by a man in the reception, who asked for an additional payment card. When I advised him that I have paid for the bill he told me “No you did not.” Thankfully I had the receipt on me to prove that I did in fact pay. We were then given the key to room 104 and had to find our way through little corridors in the back. He did not bother to tell in which direction we should go or where the entry was. When we entered the little room, the first thing that stroke us was that the windows were extremely dirty covered with black soot. One of the beds was standing directly next to it and it was quite unpleasant to think one will sleep in such close proximity to it. My Sister in Law came out of the bathroom with a terrified look on her face. When asked if she is ok she replied “I will survive”. I went down to the reception and informed the man there about the horrible state of the windows and was assured that a cleaner will take care of the situation and clean them.
In the mean time I went back home and came back an hour later to pick my family up. I was then told that the bath and sink were completely blocked, with water not emptying and the remote control and other appliances were sticky and dirty. My mother spent time cleaning those as they were quite disgusting. Later on that night they discovered holes the size of melons in their bed sheets, nicely ironed around. We were again told by reception that the bathroom will be taken care of and the sheets will be changed both on the day and next morning to a nice blond lady in the reception. Of course apart from getting different sheets we were surprised to discover that nothing else was taken care of. I have called last night and spoke to Valentino again who assured me I will be called back latest on monday and that he is very sorry about the situation.

Later on that night I was called by them and informed that there is a very loud wedding. I called the hotel and was assured that the place is sound proof and it will finish latest at 1am. In the meantime my mum washed using water out of the bottle, because of such poor conditions. This morning I was told that the wedding party moved on to a room underneath my families room after 1 am and the party continued very loudly with the floor shaking until after 3am. My family, who I was supposed to meet at 9am this morning asked me to give an extra hour, because they had the worst night sleep.

Surely the wedding was booked weeks in advance. The hotel should have informed us about it???

I have stayed in many hotels around the world. Even this year and I have never seen something as bad where it comes to the service, condition of the room and over all treatment. In addition I have ordered continental breakfast for my family and was told that all they got is a piece of toast and jam.

I’m very shocked if this is the normal standard for this hotel. 1 or 2 of these issues happening would acceptable, however the combination is just totally unacceptable!

How embarrassing to have the girls in such conditions when they are coming to see me 🙁 Still we managed to overcome this and had a great few days.

Marta and mum were so much help and fun. I appreciate all the effort they put in to help me plan the flat and choose the furniture! I am so incredibly lucky to have such a sister in Law, who in fact is more like a sister. And mum has been so cheerful and nice! I know what an effort it’s been. Lula loved her multiple presents:) And Nigel and Melitta are getting on with them so well too. Those were in high spirits as well on Saturday and we truly had a brilliant day. It’s nice when everyone gets along.

I am looking forward to seeing them in Poland shortly and we will be going with Nigel and Melitta to her family in Germany in September which will for sure be great, as I really like her brother.


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Lula and me are ill. We have a flu and stayed home today.
Lula put on her beloved red dress that she and Zuzia (they are identical) got from babcia Tonia for Xmas.
She fell asleep on the sofa and she looked so cute that I could not help but take a picture.
I hope we get better before the weekend as it is Lula’s end of the year show on Friday and Gramps Nigel and Melitta are visiting us and if this was not exciting enough also Babcia Tonia and Ciocia Marta are coming the following week. Yippee!


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I think I’ve taken advantage of our balcony as much as possible:) The strawberries and herbs are growing very well!