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We got the keys to our new flat! It’s all official now – we are homeowners.

We took the heavy pots with herbs and flowers over there to put on the balcony. Afterward we went out for dinner to St Johns to celebrate. Lula’s behaviour was terrible! She jumped up and and down on the cushions in the booth and even got on the table! But we were in such a good mood that it was acceptable and funny on that special day:) She had a goats cheese and asparagus risotto, that she loved. But kept on calling it a rice soup:) It’s lucky the chef did not hear!

Lula’s house

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Everything started when I was told at nursery, that Lula could be (understandably) tense because of the move. Apparently kids sometimes don’t fully understand what is happening and may worry. They may for example think that all their precious belongings will be left behind. Hence it is very important to let them know everything is coming too!

Tintin the rabbit will come, blankie (hanging on it’s last piece of wool) will come, books will come, Schesche and Pepper will come with us too! Nothing will be left behind. We decided that Lula should decide what and where she wants to pack and what is the priority.

When we first attempted to start packing on Saturday, Warwick got a huge box out and immediately Lula decided she wants to live in it:)

This morning I again attempted to pack a few things but instead got asked to do something very different. If it makes my little munchkin more comfortable and happy about the move then it is worth spending the extra few hours I say!

Strawberry picking

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What a glorious sunday!
We went to a pick your own farm and picked up some yummy strawberries (already a jelly:)) and fresh spinach.
Lula was brilliant in her wings, tiara and magic wand, which she lost in the straw on the ground. It took us half an hour to find it, as the silver tiara and silver wand did not stand out in the bright straw at all.
But we did at the end so crisis averted. Did not get to pack at all and we are getting the keys after tomorrow!

Flower chain

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I had this idea to make a flower headpiece from artificial flowers. I haven’t seen one like it anywhere in shops and think it is perfect for dressing up:)
Lula was going to Mystical Fairies in Hampstead for a birthday party today and on the way back I saw some roses which were perfect for my little project. I got some white ribbon, cut the stems and connected them as I would in a daisy chain, but used ribbon to tie, as the plastic stems do not bend as easily as natural flowers. The result is quite nice I think.

Carrot cake

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A rainy day for a change today…
We went to Noah’s birthday and had a lovely time.
When we got back home I decided to make a organic carrot cake. I have never made one before. The recipe proved to be really good. I just added walnuts on top of the raisins and used mascarpone and icing sugar as the icing. I myself am not allowed to try it as I am trying to loose a few pounds, but it smelled real good! Warwick had seconds and Lula, who usually is not a fan had a huge piece:) Banana cake is a definite favourite for little Lula though. I had to freeze it as there was far too much of it. when she asks for something sweet I put it in the oven and give it to her warm. She absolutely loves it:)


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I can not stop thinking about our new home and the decor. I really like a certain style and found that looking at the internet and collecting pictures helps a lot. This blog I found is very useful for ideas.
The builders are coming in to put some new tiles in the hallway and kitchen and wooden floors in the bedroom upstairs. We will do a couple of minor changes, like the shelving in the lounge. I like the idea of whites and blacks. Very simple and clean cut with accessories to add character. I have lots of art so that will bring our personality out. I really enjoyed Amsterdams homes and got lots of ideas after our little road trip at the end of the year. We want to get a few nice pieces of furniture too for a change! Certainly a nice black dining table and chairs and a sofa. A unusual armchair, would be great too! Lula is big enough now not to draw all over them:)
Here are some pictures from the internet I find inspirational.

Dzien dziecka

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Calusy dla Zuzi i Maciusia. I Tomka tez, choc juz jest dojrzaly:) Kisses for Ani and Aleks too.

With some time to go to Lula’s music class and today being dzien dziecka I decided to use the 3 very ripe bananas and made a organic banana cake. She also got a ceramic pony to paint.
I can’t wait to have our proper kitchen diner:) Struggling for space I had to mix all ingredients next to the sink and every time Lula tries to help out it is a real space problem in this tiny kitchen! I’ll be looking forward to leaving it behind and having some proper mum and daughter activities in the new kitchen:) Particularly that Lula absolutely loves to cut, mix and cook. According to her nursery report she really exceeds at those skills.
On the other hand I am not looking forward to leaving the garden behind. It’s been the nicest summer in 3 years. It’s just lovely:)
We do have a good size balcony and I already prepared a herbs pot and some flower pots for it. It’s lucky it is off the kitchen so we will be able to have a barbecue there. And the park is literally 3 minutes walk, so we can have picnics and so on. It’s all good!