Arabian night

Posted in Uncategorized on May 30th, 2009 by Jo

We have been looking at wooden floors today and sorting the tiles all day.

Now Lula is dancing in the hallway whilst I am finishing the all organic lemon tarte and Ottolenghi, red camargue rice, quinoa, pistachios and orange salad for Rachael’s 40th birthday party. It’s going to be an Arabian nights party and we have to dress in the theme:) Rachael has hired cocktail waiters and made lots of yummy food.

Lula is going to Rosa for a sleep over. It’s hot and sunny and it looks like it’s gonna be a lovely night.

Punting in Oxford

Posted in Uncategorized on May 9th, 2009 by Jo

We drove to Oxford today to see Christian. Who took us for a lovely lunch and stroll around the town. We saw where Lewis Caroll used to work. We went punting for a few hours and Lula loved so much, Christian is very experienced and it was great. It felt like a midsummer dream with all the gorgeous flowers in bloom, birds and dragonflies:)


Posted in Uncategorized on May 4th, 2009 by Jo

The meaning of flowers in the Victorian era was very important. One could communicate his/hers intentions through a bouquet o flowers. You could send a whole message!

Different flowers have different meanings. I put some thought into that for my wedding bouquet and had white roses – eternal love, virtue, chastity and ivy – fidelity, affection, marriage, dependence. My favoured flowers are purple violets and apparently they stand for faithfulness, I’ll always be true. And when I buy flowers for people I often think of floriography. What message am I sending? I have always been very much into that. It would be great if florists would start that again.

Fred and Lula

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We went for lunch to Fred and as always Lula got on with him like a house on fire:)


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We had a lovely day at the Southbank 🙂 At the Borough Market we bought some lovely strawberries, fresh vegetables and couscous spices:) We then went on for lunch to Brindisa and had Spanish Tapas – so delicious! We bought some chorizo too:) And the sun was shinning.