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I picked up those lovely flowers from the garden.

Farmers market

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What a lovely summer weekend! We took full advantage of it. Yesterday we went with Nick and the boys to Lauderdale House to see a little show about Henry the VIII and his music. Waterlow Park is still my favorite in London and they build a new playground for kids made out of huge logs. What fantastic fun:)

Today we went for a walk in Queens Wood and then joined Rachael and John and kids to the Farmers Market in Alexandra Palace.
I got the kids some cupcakes, but they only ate the icing. Nothing like homemade ones really. On the bright side there is a guy at the market who roast his own coffee in the morning and apparently it is the best. I am trying not to have caffeine at the moment, but Warwick had an espresso and a latte!

Little ones in the garden

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We have a fox living in the shed in our garden and she has 4 baby foxes. We have noticed recently that she is limping on her front foot… As non of the advice lines are working during the weekend, we have decided to start feeding her as it would be very difficult for her to fend for herself. The butcher was kind enough to give me an enormous bag of chicken carcasses. And the fox is very grateful. She looks at us and winks as in saying “thank you”. Warwick had a long “conversation” with her last night:)
Her leg is a bit of a worry and I will need to all a specialist on Monday.

More sewing

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I’ve had problems with the patterns. They seemed quite complicated for a beginner like me and my finishing was quite appalling really. I decided to take one of Lula’s schuster haugaard dresses and just copied it. It looked fairly simple. Certainly easier than the patterns!
The retro fabric was extremely cheap at Ikea 🙂 And the result is lovely I think. Lula was more interested in eating her apple then modelling:) It was a bit tight around the chest and I had to add more fabric under the arms, but it works. Still need lots of practice with the finishing, but I’m sure it will come to me:) Lula got lots of comments at the music class and on the street today of how lovely this dress is:)


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Lula modelling her new green dress. It is made with the Butterick pattern and her preferred fabric by Robert Kauffman. The fabric is beautiful, 100% cotton (as all the fabrics I get, apart from the party dress with the stars, but the underlayer is cotton there) made in Japan and as you can see on the pictures is a real eye catcher. I will be sure to buy more of it and make her a skirt too. She loves green so I can not go wrong with this. I found the pattern a little challenging, particularly the bit when you have to attach the top to the skirt. It looks good as long as you don’t look closer at the finishing!

Also some new reversible experiment I have made… without a pattern. The finishing is much better. It should really be worn as pink with the green side inside:) But Lula likes the green too, so why not?

Amelie’s party

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We went to see Amelie for her 2nd birthday and Lula made me make her a new party dress:) Amelie has grown up so much! We ate lots and lots of pancakes and chocolate cake!

Easter 2009

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Happy Easter!

We started our day early making hot cross buns. It is serious business adding flour, mixed spice, currants, yeast, egg, salt, milk, sugar, melted butter and mix peel. Then working the dough and watching it grow. They are so delicious freshly baked at home. It is our second batch this year and Lula is very good at making them:) We then moved on to painting eggs. Lula decided that black and green (with a little blue and yellow) are the colours she wants and she did a great job!


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Dabrowski is here for 10 days and Lula has formed quite a bond with him:) the first day he arrived Lula sat on him on the sofa and they’ve been watching telly in an embrace. They are like two kids really.
Dabrowski got on very well with my friends, especially with Chloe. They became inseparable:) Which was great as Chloeski did my job and took him to parties and around London, when I preferred to not go out:) Yippee!


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We had a lovely time – without Lula, who stayed with Jamie, Rachael, John and Phoebe – in Barcelona 🙂 I understand why so many friends were contacting me to let me know how much they love this place.
There is no way to not fall in love with this city. The food is to die for. We were very lucky as our client has a few Spanish Restaurants in London and they recommended us some fantastic places to eat. If you are going to Barcelona Taktika Berri on Valencia Street has fantastic basque cuisine. Delicious tapas for lunch. Yum:) And Alba Granados on Enrique Granados Street for dinner. Really really one of the best meals I have had with a bottle of Rioja. (Although number one still has to be the fish tortellini with seafood ragu I had in Sardinia) Gaudi’s architecture is out of this world and I love the roof tops, particulary the way the tiles look like the shiny skin of a snake or lizard. We are so going back!