Mother’s day

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Lula made me the loveliest present for mum’s day:) She said “I love my mum”. Thank you honey – I love you very very much too! xxx

P.S. Good news – Lula, got in to the school we wanted:)

She goes to ballet, I think it was just a little blip.

And most importantly at the moment we are house hunting. We are going to buy a place of our own. We already found the perfect one, but our offer was just a little bit less then what they wanted:sad: There is still a tiny chance the other offer will not go through. We visited a few places and I am sure it is a matter of time, before we find something. Keeping fingers crossed!

Pepper and Lula

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It seems that spring has really come. The cherry blossom tree is all pink and there are flowers everywhere and it is sunny!
Pepper is not allowed to go out on his own, so we got him a leash. Lula of course loves leading him:)


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It was the first weekend we had for ourselves and I took immediate advantage and managed to sew a dress and a skirt using a great free pattern for Lula:) Still have lots of fabrics and will need to find more time, but it is lots of fun and with practice I am sure I will become better and quicker. Lula likes to help a lot and of course dress up in her new clothes.


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We made cranes and frogs (with green being Lula’s fav colour in mind) today. What fun origami is.
I am about to pull the sewing machine out and start doing her summer dresses. She of course chose some green fabrics. One is particularly nice with pears, by Robert Kaufman.

With Lula getting older there is so much more activities and we have hardly any time to come to the site.
Lula on top of nursery (we are finding out this week what school she got into!) goes to art class, music class, gymnastics and until recently ballet. But for no reason she decided she does not want to do ballet anymore… 🙁 Oh well it is her choice, but I’ll try to get her to go…
She is such a well behaved and helpful girl. I am really proud of her.
We measured her today and Lula at 2 months over 4 years old is 114 cm tall. That is a lot for her age!


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Lula is just getting more grown up all the time. There is so much going on it’s unbelievable:)
She now tells us stories at bedtime. Her favourite is the one by me “Princess Anna” and it is always on the cards, the one of the moment is “Room on the Broom“. “Peter Rabbit”, “Hairy Maclary”, “We are going on a bear hunt”and “Meg and Mog” follow close by. Her favourite film is “Aristocats”, I would have thought this is influenced by Pepper:) And Winnie the Pooh is back in favour.

Number one activity is cutting, painting, gluing and sticking.
And dressing up of course! She appeared the other day with nail polish on, clip ons and lipstick. My little girl all dressed up.