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Pepper is our new pet and finally one that Lula can have a relationship with:) He is just the friendliest cat! More like a dog really from character. Schesche, our older cat is not impressed, but she is “tolerating” him.

Lula is four

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What a party it was:) Over 30 fairies, princesses and mermaids! Absolute mayhem, but so much fun! Lula was a green fairy and she looked stunning! Not a piece was left of the 24 inch Peter Pan cake! It took me ages to make it, so very relieved that it was appreciated. Thank you for all presents and cards… soooo many of them! And thank you to Auntie Dora for all the help, Nino for fairy cupcakes and Rachael, John, Judith and Malcolm who stayed and helped cleaning up the mess!

Lula’s birthday

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We have celebrated Lula’s birthday a week ago in Poland and now again it is time for party:)
Thank you for all the cards and wishes!

Berlin and Amsterdam

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A few pictures from our travels too:)


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We had a lovely time back in Poland for Christmas. Grandma Tonia made such an effort, she cooked so much and Marta and me helped a little. Zuzia and Lula ended up having matching dresses and slippers and were like little twins. Dziadek Andrzej is just such a loving and Easy going Granddad! Marta is as always the best sister I could have ever asked for. And even Uncle Slawek proved to be fun. Macius is soooo cute that I ended up feeling broody for a couple of days. Just a couple:) Then I went back to feeling very happy just the way we are.
We met some good friends, went to Krakow, then Berlin, then Amsterdam. I think it was one of the best times we had together. We are all lovey dovey, relaxed and just cheesy happy now.
Oh and forgot to say that Lula had an early birthday party made by Babcia and she got a special walnut tort, which she loves and lots of pressies. THANK YOU GUYS:)