Old friends

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It’s always great to go out and see friends:)


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We just got back from a holiday in Normandy spent in a lovely cottage with Joanna, David and little Jasio. We had good weather for that part of the world and even managed to spent a couple of days on the beach. Le Mont Saint Michel is a great place to go and Alligator Bay is the best animal park for kids we’ve been too – and we’ve been to lots! It’s a beautiful part of the world, but definitely challenging for a vegetarian 🙂 Mussels, cheese and bread were on the menu every day and restaurants did not serve any vegetables apart from lettuce, which Lula does not eat. So perfect if meat and potatoes is all you want. We also felt the prices, since the pound went down. With a simple small lunch costing over £ 50 for us 3:)


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A few people told me they had problems adding comments to the blog and we found the reason:) You need to add the date at the end of your comment in the box (we did it in order to stop spam). Hope that helps! Kisses


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Daddy had to work all day on Sunday so we went out to see Kasia and Kacper at the National History Museum to see the butterflies. It really rained on us first so we got very wet and then it was so hot and steamy where the butterflies were:) It was great fun though and they were so beautiful. Some were giant and others had bright colours. We got to see cocoons and how caterpillars transform. It was great. We then went on to see some dinosaurs and since we had so much fun together to top it up we decided to go to the movies and watched Kung Fu Panda. Lula ad Kacper had so much fun!

It all went on for the whole day so we actually got to pick daddy up from work at 8pm and Lula got to see him at least!

Fun fair

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We had a lovely day starting with a charity organised by Lula’s nursery. All year the children made art and now it was being sold and auctioned in order to pay for teachers for children in Malawi. We also collected money all year and it looks like lots of funds were raised for a good cause!
We then went on to meet Gali, Ruby and Liam and also Rinat, Jack and family at the funfair. Nicola came with sweet little Ivy too. It helps that Lula is back on track and can eat icecream now!
We had a lovely day:)