We are back!

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We are back home! It was so nice coming home to cards and wishes (a belated thank you so much for Xmas cards and thank you for Lula’s birthday cards too):)
I really really missed our friends and it is just lovely seeing people and familiar faces. Its wonderful to have my food and a super comfy bed! Our cat missed us so much and she is super cuddly now.
Lula has been back to nursery (never mind the jet lag and waking up at 1am all through the night, demanding sandwiches and sleeping on top of me and refusing to go to her bed) and I have made her an assortment of pink cupcakes to celebrate her birthday at nursery. We will also have a belated party (hopefully we will survive tonight’s night out!) at Arthur’s tomorrow:) So lots and lots of fun and back on track!


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Lula just loves her divine purple tutu whicht is not finished yet but she was more then happy to try it on and of course did not want to take it off for adjustments!
Today Warwick’s mother took Lula to Staglands to see lots and lots of animals and Mummy and Daddy had a day off! We went for yummy lunch and did lots of shopping and are preparing to have a night out.

3rd birthday!

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Happy birthday Lula!

Lula’s third birthday was the first summer one and we had glorious weather! We went to the zoo! Hazel and Lucy were fantastic and made today even more special. Thank you to all for presents, cards and wishes 😉

Some more pictures

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We are approaching the end of our visit to New Zealand. It’s been a roller coaster and six weeks is a long time:)

It is great that we can share this with Daddy now and we will exactly know what he is talking about, when he reminisces about the past! It was lovely discovering this amazing culture and meeting some lovely people. On top of gaining a couple of kilos we have also found out some things about ourselves and that life is a constant learning curve. The frase “What does not kill you, only makes you stronger”, would describe the experience very well. And the most important lesson for me is that you can not learn for others they need to do it for themselves. I am happy to go home and see our friends and say farewell. But we still have a few days with Lula’s birthday and we will make the most of it!

Here are a few more pictures.

New Years Eve 2007

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We went out for dinner to Logan Browns with the whole lot and then ended up in Matterhorn celebrating New Years! Happy 2008!