Happy Halloween!

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Happy birthday Kacper;)

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It’s Kacper’s 4th birthday today.
And Kasia and Dawid invited us to the Science Museum to watch a 3D film about the deep sea and creatures living in it.
It was Lula’s first time in a movie theater and she liked it a lot.
Kacper is such a great boy!

Russian Fairytales

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We were supposed to meet Elisabeth today but since she was ill we followed her advise and went to listen to Russian Fairytale’s in Waterlow Park. It was the tale of Baba Yaga and Vasilisa. And what a splendid performance! I believed the teller to be the witch and some children were momentarily extremely frightened. Lula loved all of it!


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Another successful night at the local Japanese restaurant! Yum!

Booboo in the train

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We took the tube to Covent Garden and hang around coffee shops and did some clothes shopping. Lula likes it so much more then going by car. She would stand on the train platform and say with much excitement; “Daddy look the train is very fast!”:) She was so sweet and cheerful all day.


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We joined Warwick’s cousins Simon and Jane for bowling in Bayswater yesterday. They also went ice skating and went for a nice walk in Kensington Gardens where Simon proved to be great tree climber 🙂

Lula had lots of fun with Simon’s and Mala’s boys Scott and Ethan running around the trees.

We then went on to Saki, a Japanese restaurant where Lula had edamame and gyoza dumplings, Warwick ate a fantastic spicy beef ramen and I had the most yummylicious sushi. I am totally addicted to sushi!

Day out

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We had a very eventful day:) First we went out for lunch with Warwick’s cousins Jeremy and Simon with their partners and we also met Jane. We had a lovely time and we are just about to go bowling with them today.
Then we went to see my darling friend F(oo) and we came back home late, which is a treat for us!


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