We have just come back from Cornwall where we have spent a week with Dora, Ian and the girls.

Since there was no summer in June and no summer in July, we were certain that August will be great. But no:) It was pretty bad. Grey, rainy and windy.

Picturesque Cornwall is lovely but it was certainly one of the most boring holidays ever since we chose a tiny town with small winding roads with no footpaths and lots of cars. It’s only when you have a small child that you really appreciate things like that. It was very unsafe to walk around and the beach became after the first day very muddy/rocky and full of seaweed. In other words not ideal and I regretted the choice of place. St Ives would have been much better:)

We managed to have a couple of nice days in the Eden Project, Monkey Sanctuary and the Aquarium in Plymouth which Lula really enjoyed. Anyhow life is too short and we will not worry about this one too much just be more careful in the future and choose what is right for us.

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