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1st day at the nursery

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Lula went the first time to nursery today and she loved it. She starts in September but today was the introduction day.
She went straight in for the paints and spent most of the session creating masterpieces.


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Scotland is truly stunning.

We went to stay with friends for a long weekend. I kept on looking at the stunning green views and thinking I want to stay longer. Satulka and David were the most wonderful hosts! We were spoilt rotten with fantastic yummy food (she even made a pavlova with hand picked – by us – raspberries), which is even more amazing if you consider Joanna is expecting a baby boy in early September.

A new relationship for Lula with Spencer the dog, whom she adored because he was so friendly, big and patient and Spencer loved Lula because he got to nick her breakfast and food.


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The weather is really appalling! What kind of June and July is this? I really must protest!

Anyhow it has not stopped us from living our lives, working, going out and socialising. Which we have been doing a lot:) Saturday was particularly nice with James and Danielle’s engagement party. Pity we had to go home early.

Lula fell asleep on Sunday in the car and looked soo beautiful.

Thank you for the card Marian. Lula wanted to tell you to get your act together and get your tickets to come over as we miss you!