Lula’s drawing

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Lula drew a picture of Warwick and herself today. How brilliant is that!

We also went to the Italian place to reward Lula for using the potty so well with huge humongous strawberry icecream! All this good behaviour is certainly worth it! I should really mention that Mum had cheesecake and Daddy had Tiramisu so we all benefit:)

Such a clever girl

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Lula is such a clever girl! She has been using the potty completely with no accidents at all for the last couple of days!

This weekend

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We had a very nice weekend with our sweet Ivy, Mark and Nicola and little Amelie, Mike and Sarah coming yesterday for a barbecue. Lula was so gentle with both girls and gently hugged and caressed Ivy. She even gave Ivy her pinky finger to suck on 🙂

Sarah made an amazing pavlova, which I had far too much of! Yum!

Today was father’s day and Warwick got a much deserved sleep in. We then went for a walk to Highgate Woods were Lula played and ate lots of “pink” strawberry cream icecream for being such a clever girl and using the potty most of the day!

Face paint

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To top it all Lula produced a poo on the potty today! Well done Lula!

She is very upset when she has to wear a nappy for the night and it takes lots of explaining and convincing. It really looks like we are on our way to succesfull potty training. It’s a new era and she s doing so well!

If any of you has any suggestions or tips – I would really appreciate them:)

Well done Lula!

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We are so proud of Lula, who used the potty last night and this morning:) She stated “Nappies are finished.” And then before going to bed last night said “Just one more nappy and that’s it!”

Ivy and friends

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We went out for lunch with Nicola, Ivy, Carol and Alan and ended up spending most of the day in Priory Park.
Ivy was sleeping like an angel most of the time and Lula was running around in the hot sun.


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Finally after a week of rain and cold the summer is back. We have been taking full advantage of it and had a couple of barbecues. Lula is much better after being ill all week too.