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I am quite impressed at the moment.

We were playing with Lula at making animal noises. I would say “Lula. How about a frog?” and Lula would make a noise “rebit, rebit”.

“How about a dog?” and Lula would make the right sound.

Then after many animals we got to the donkey and Lula was not sure. So I made the appropriate sound to which Lula laughed and said “Daddy donkey noise!” pointing at Warwick, who did as told. After repeating it a few times Lula said “hahaha that’s funny and how about a dog?” we responded woofing to which Lula said “hahaha and how about a…”.

I think it was our first proper conversation! How amazing is that?

Lula in a playgroup

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I used to be in the volleyball team of my school. I imagined that I was still quite good at it even though I haven’t really played for 15 years 🙂

I thought it would be nice to add a team sport to my weekly training and I found a group which I joined. I expected a nice, recreational couple of hours. We laughed that I don’t need knee pads or anything like that and I even worried that some players could be beginners and it could be a bit slow.

What I got is 2 hours of having the s**t kicked out of me by what I would describe as close to professional players, pretty much all Polish by the way:) I returned home with bruises from head to toe, a whole in my pants revealing a torn knee to name a few injuries.

The next day I had a usual disagreement with Warwick over something of non importance and said; “Baby I am so beaten up that I don’t have energy to argue.” to which Warwick replied with joy; “You should go two or even three times a week!”

I ordered myself knee pads and elbow pads and am looking forward with fear and excitement to this Friday!

Happy birthday Ani!

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Have a wonderful day on your 10th birthday!

Big big kisses from us all 🙂

Picnic in Waterloo Park

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The weather is so lovely we could not help ourselves but have another picnic:)

This time we took a bike ride to Waterloo Park. It is still our favourite Park in London.
Lula met some nice kids and pets and we got to lay in the sun.

Then we went to Dora and Ian’s for a barbecue. Good luck with your new job tomorrow Dora:)


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Happy Easter:)

April garden

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Jo’s 31st

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We had a great night out until early hours to celebrate Jo’s birthday. Thank you for all the wishes! xxx