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Warwick surprised me (with the help of Dora and Ian) and we went out to the kemia Bouga bar for our 3rd wedding anniversary. Absolutely delicious food and atmosphere!

First bbq

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After coming back from the swimming pool and chatting to Marian over the phone we went to the garden centre to get flowers. I have planted them all in the garden and whilst I was doing that (anything to avoid writing my essay) Lula and Warwick went to get some steak and sausages and we had our first barbecue this year! Lula loves leek and pork sausages and buns with lots and lots of butter with Wattie’s tomato sauce. I guess it makes a nice change to my obsessive organic healthy cooking 🙂
I will still make a fresh fruit smoothie in a hour or so to insure my munchkins get a healthy dose of vitamins!

Happy birthday Nicola!

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We went out last night to celebrate Nicola’s 30th birthday and had a lovely time. Happy birthday Nicola:)

(Thank you to Ian and Dora for bbsitting:))

James’s 1st

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We celebrated James’s 1st birthday today:) Happy birthday for tomorrow and have a great time in Sicily!

Mother’s day

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Warwick and Lula took me out to Toll Gate for a lovely lunch today. I have to say their eggs florentine are the best! Lula destroyed scrambled eggs on toast with beans. It’s so much fun going out just the three of us. Oops, five of us, tin tin and blankie were there too.

Ian’s birthday

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We celebrated Ian’s birthday today by having a lovely lamb roast 🙂 We also made him a chocolate walnut brownie. Lula loved it!

Covent Garden

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We had a lovely day today:)

First we all went to the swimming pool where Lula had so much fun!

The we went for a stroll to Covent Garden. It was warm and sunny and everybody was out and about. Mummy got some new clothes and then we had dinner at our favourite Wagamama. It looks like spring is properly here and we will be having more time out!

Music class again:)

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Lula is really starting to take part in the classes now. Saying the words and responding.
I really need to get her a pair of sunglasses.. Otherwise I don’t ever get to use mine.


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Lula has nearly recovered from the gastro flu. Leaving mummy suffering from it. A new mutant version of never ending illness.
She still managed to put on her fairy outfit and look so cute.