Kenwood House

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Marian babysat for us yesterday and we managed to go to cinema and to even have a lovely dinner afterwards. THANK YOU!

It was the first time someone apart from us did the whole evening routine and put Lula to bed. Unsurprisingly (Lula loves her Granny) it went great.

Today we all went for a lovely walk and lunch to Kenwood house and discovered a group of green/yellow parrots living in the trees. They seemed perfectly happy.

Baby cousin

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Mark and Nicola went for their 20 week scan yesterday. We were very excited to discover whether Lula will have a girl cousin or boy cousin. But baby crossed it’s legs and it was impossible to tell. Boy or girl baby is gorgeous!

Xmas at Nicola and Mark

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Nicola made the best turkey Christmas dinner with the help of Marian.

Lula loved the purple carrots and roast, huge turkey and bread sauce. She could not stop licking the brandy butter of the Christmas pudding. Uncle Mark was less energetic today but it was still great:)

Merry Christmas!!!

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What an amazing Christmas!

We did a Polish Christmas with Grandma Marian, Mark and Nicola.

We have been eating herring, pierogi’s, carp and poppy cake and listening to Polish Christmas carols. What a lovely evening!

Lula has got so many presents but the number one has to be the QUILT.

There are no words to describe the genius. So much effort and love went into this that we were left nearly speechless and tearful.

When Marian told me that she is making a quilt for Lula and said that she wanted to incorporate Lula’s roots I have never in my wildest dreams imagine a piece of work like this!

Like a masterpiece tapestry fit for a museum with the true spirit of New Zealand.

The sun that turns into the moon, Mount Taranaki, a waterfall that sounds like one when you touch it, an amazing magic forest full of creatures, little secret pockets hiding surprises like a little lamb, frog, pukeko, buzzy bee, lizard, ladybird or kiwi with his egg, a weta and tui birds. Then the long white cloud on top which creates rain when you pull the beautiful see through blue fabric from underneath.

Grandma Marian you are a complete genius, you have truly outdone yourself and left us all astonished!!! You gave Lula a piece of your heart. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Xmas lunch

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We went for Christmas lunch to Dora and Ian as they are going away on Friday. We had turkey with cranberry sauce and Christmas pudding. Lula got gorgeous presents and played with the girls. It was just a lovely afternoon with friends 🙂

Ape party

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Mummy and Daddy went out to celebrate their 5 years together and had a lovely time thanks to Milan who saved the night from mad Santa’s at the Ape party! It was completely insane! It seemed like hundreds of santa’s (see who drunkenly overtook the party.

But at the end we had fun. Thank you Mark and Nicola for making it possible for us to go out! xxx

Music class

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Kacper i Lula

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It looks like it’s love. Lula seems to have connected in a special way with her 3 year old friend Kacper. They were kissing and hugging and laughing. When Lula was going Kacper was quite upset and kept saying “Don’t go”. It was sooo cute!

Christmas tree

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We have our first proper Christmas tree! With colourful baubles, fairies and lights. Lula loves it and it makes it such a special time.


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Have a great time in Brasil Chloeski!