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Posted in Uncategorized on November 28th, 2006 by Jo

We went to beautiful Bergen at the beginning of the month. Great city and people and we did not mind that it rained all of the time. We stayed in a gorgeous burgundy colored guest house just a few minutes walk from the fish market.
Warwick tried reindeer and elk and Lula liked it too.
We went to the aquarium to see seals and penguins and were surprised to discover that it was a much nicer version to the London one.


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Since I can not upload any pictures at the moment I thought I will write about Lula’s speech achievements.
I have never wrote down all the words she can say and now is as good as ever.
Lula up to now can say:
daddy, mummy, schesche, shoes, tap shoes, Dora, cookie, bubbles, ball, mouse, turtle, house, purple, hi, cat, kick, car, mouth, eyes, nose, ear, car, knees, book, toes, hair, teeth, no, doors, dipsy and po (as in Teletubbies), bye, keys, cow, how, park, cup, pig, horse, poopoo, are , oh oh, oops, juice, ouch, wow, apples, chips, puffs, moon, fish, cheese, blue, please (can not pronnounce the l in it), also in Lula it sounds more like huha and that’s all I can think off right now.


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We went away for the weekend and had a very nice time. Pity we were broken into on bonfire night (of course). Only the laptop is gone with lots and lots of pictures and personal stuff. We are looking at it in a positive way – it would be worse if we would actually be home.

Thankfully we have nice neighbours who called the police and the thieves ran away instead of making more damage.


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Suddenly winter is here.