Lunch out

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We went out with Gali and Ruby today. We ended up in a up to 5’s play group in Turnpike Lane where for £ 3 you can have for you and your little one a lovely vegetarian lunch cooked by volunteer mums. Really good idea.
Although Lula is not quite ready to sit with other kids and concentrate on eating all on her own yet.

July flowers

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We went to the swimming pool to join Sirpa and little Leonie and then Kinga came to visit us with little James and her cousin.

We spoke Polish and when Kinga asked me if Lula understands Polish I asked for fun ” Sweetie show me which flowers are yellow” to which Lula without a doubt went and pointed to the yellow pansies in the window box.

Shocked I again asked in Polish ” And which ones are purple flowers?” To which again Lula with no doubt pointed to the purple pansies!


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Fluke or not

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Well done Lula!
Fluke or not Lula used the potty for the first time. We are extatic!

Hottest day in July

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It’s official – today was the hottest day ever in July in the UK.

Wow, I am so happy we have a garden and a paddling pool! Lula’s sun protection is quickly running out as I have to re-apply it so often.

Gali and Ruby came to visit as they got back from Israel. Ruby is becoming more beautiful every second!

Lula has been so proud as she can catch a ball when thrown at her and throw it back at you. Apparently she also said scissors to Gali today, when Gali picked up her plastic toy ones. We are going to have a talker soon.


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Finally we had a holiday just for the three of us!

We stayed in a gorgeous farm next to Siena.

Every day we woke up and went for a walk in the middle of a beautiful painting. Stunning views!

We went to see the medieval fairytale San Gimignano, then absolutely surreal gothic Siena. Volterra is a great medieval town but the serpentine drive up the hills was a – as Warwick described it – one way ticket to vomit city for Lula. No wonder it was one of the last towns to surrender to Florence in 1361!

Cecina was less splendid but Lula loved the sea! And Pisa was definetly the least nice of all places, but we had to see the leaning tower!

On top of that, Italy ( the first country in Europe to completly ban smoking in public places ) is the most child friendly country you can imagine. Everyone stopped and talked to Lula. She got so many presents! From eggs for breakfast to ice cream and little toys. She has a strong fan base there. Lula loves ice cream and pizza, pasta and gnocchi, especially with spinach!

And she has her first tan! Very delicate one because of sun protection but still there. And she could sit in a swimming pool all day now!

And of course Italians won the world cup and it was great being there for it! They went mentally happy after the match!

Lula in the garden

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