Last few days

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I find it difficult to find words to describe the last few days.

Lula and I went to see my dad on short notice who is very ill. He is in the Oncology Centre in Warsaw after 2 serious operations with tubes stuck in his stomach. Soon if everything goes well chemo will start.

It was so good seeing him and I am planning to go again very soon. He is such a great men I am really proud to be his daughter. We got to spend some time just the two of us and talk which we haven’t had the chance to do in a really long time. He was supposed to come and visit us in London but due to the illness we had to postpone.

I feel so helpless not being able to be there and help more. But I am there for him in every part of my heart and soul.
Lula was not allowed to go in because of the radioactivity thank God Marta was willing to look after her whilst I was visiting Dad. I really don’t know what I would have done without such a great and supportive Sister in Law. Zuzia was great this time too and they where playing around.


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Thank you To Godparents Dora and Mark and to Ian and the girls and Nicola, Nigel and Melitta for coming and to all our family. Lula and us had a lovely day.

Giffords Circus

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We went today to the Giffords Circus for the Janis Joplin tour and absolutely loved it. They say that the tour is ” Inspired by the all out performance style and full-tilt rock & roll life of Janis Joplin, Joplin! is a celebration of 1960’s music and artistic experimentation.”

Lula was completly into it all the way through. Would recommend it very very much. Everyone was seriously amazing. Especially the jugglers – Tesfarmamium brothers and Tweedy and I usually don’t like clowns!

Colon cancer

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We are all thinking about my dad who is having his operation today. We will know later on today how it went. We send our love.

Marion and Bruno’s wedding

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Congratulations Marion and Bruno on your wedding!

We made our way yesterday to France for the wedding which was a lovely celebration of the commitment between you two. Warwick was Bruno’s witness together with Stephan.

Lula was really enjoying the train travel and gorgeous weather even though she still had little fever ( the doctor told us it would be ok to go ). Unfortunetly, by 1pm she developed a very high fever 39.3 and we had to run to the doctor and then on his advice, we went to the hospital next to Waterloo Station ( on our return around 6pm ) to find out that Lula has tonsillitis and needs an antibiotic treatment after all. We got back home completly exhausted after 11pm relieved that finally someone discovered why she has been unwell for 3 weeks.

Poor little Lu

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We had a lovely weekend and Lula was full of energy showing off yesterday infront of Mark and Nicola. She still had flu from two weeks ago and we were giving her some Tixylix for runny noses but we thought it’s all under control.
This morning she walk up very hot and crying. She had a fever of 37.9C so I gave her Calpol and cancelled her morning date with Arthur and Freddie. Soon after she was much better but a few hours later she was screaming and hot again with 38.8C which grew to 39.2C by the time we got to the doctor! Apparently it’s a bad cold and Nurofen for children was prescribed. She got better to get worse in the afternoon again…
Thankfully Warwick came home early to help. As advised I dressed her in her lightest pjs ( which Warwick thought they are Carmen Miranda style)and opened windows to keep her as cool as possible. She had high spirits all afternoon. We are hoping she will sleep through the night now…

Hackney City Farm

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We went to the farm today and met a very friendly goose who just wanted hugging and caressing. The goat was extremely playfull too. There were cows, sheep, chicken, ducks, rabbits, huge pigs and even a donkey! Lula loved it and as on a proper farm outing I even stepped in shit.
The weather was great today and it felt like we are on holiday.

Music lesson

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