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Bardzo o Tobie myslimy i zyczymy szybkiego powrotu do zdrowia.


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Have a very very happy birthday! Lots of love and kisses!


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Lula liked Dabrowski and sat on his knees playing the maracas. Seriously nice afternoon seeing an old friend. Again very refreshing and want to see much more of you in London, which is so obviously the place for you to be in! Although you are doing so well back home….


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First nice day in what seems like ages.

We had our friends over and would you believe that Arthur’s and Freds mums are both pregnant.

Lula loved having her friends over. She gets very affectionate and runs after and hugs the boys. Fred is ok with it ( even when she makes him fall ) but Arthur gets sometimes a little upset and pulls Lula’s hair.

It was lovely to watch her interact and breath fresh air and eat a lot of barbecued vegetables as the barbecue was mainly vegetarian. She will definetly have a good night sleep tonight!


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Lula is much better. It was a difficult few days though. But it had to happen some day!
So much stuff is happening and I just wish the weather would be better. 😛

Lula’s first cold

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Lula has her first cold. She was very poorly last night and we had to give her Calpol. She was very fluey and caughing through the night.
But she is better today. Warmly dressed and cuddled.

Fairy wardrobe

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The fairy wardrobe is ready!

Lula really likes it! It has a fairy on a toadstool and a bee a bluebell and forget me nots on one panel. Then on the other there is another fairy, a ladybird, a dragonfly and butterflies.

I am very pleased with it!


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Another grey and rainy day…

Lula has been running around in her gumboots and raincoat and getting very muddy.

It was great to hook up with Charlotte, Nick and little Arthur and then auntie Dora came over and it was sooooo nice seeing her. Oh and Nika came to see us last night after a long long time!
And in the midst of this Lula has been running around with high pitched screaming.

The fairy wardrobe is nearly ready!

Wind blowing

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Where is the summer? The wind is blowing like mad, it’s raining and it’s cold!

Everyone is hiding indoors. So no hanging out with friends and barbecues for a change.

We have tried to go for a walk today but I thought we will end up on a roof top. Lula has been teething so she is walking around with something in her mouth constantly. There are 8 teeth now by the way.

I can not concentrate or find time for reading but I am trying to paint her wardrobe with acrylics and watercolour and I am coming up with ideas of butterflies and fairies but the weather makes me so sleepy…
I am looking for some ideas using especially work of Mary Baxter St Clair or Stephen McKay. There are such amazing kids pictures around and I want to make something of mine but take inspiration from beautiful pieces. Amy Brown is more my style but it’s too grown up for Lula…

P.S. So if anyone has any fairy, butterfly, ladybird or dragonfly ideas to share I am all up for seeing or hearing them!


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It’s so warm and Lula has a paddling pool in the garden now! She loves it!